Card Violation Consequences

UMW Finance Card-users are required to sign a UMW Finance Card Agreement (“Agreement”) before using a UMW Finance Card.  In addition, UMW Finance Cardholders who are responsible for signing-out the UMW Finance Card to others are required to sign Employee Agreements (“Agreement”) that list responsibilities of the Cardholder.  The Agreements that are signed vary depending upon the type of UMW Finance Card.  Within each Agreement, however, UMW Finance Card-users and Cardholders agree to certain terms and conditions regarding the use and/or handling of the Card.  If a Card-user or Cardholder violates any provisions stated in the Agreement that is signed, the UMW Finance Department will take action.  Some violations of the use and/or handling of UMW Finance Cards (referred to as “Card” below) are listed below, followed by defined consequences of failing to abide by the terms in conditions listed in the signed Agreement.

Examples of Violations for Various Kinds of UMW Finance Cards

  • Writing, emailing, or faxing the entire account number
  • Scanning or copying the Card
  • Permitting another person to use the Card that was signed out specifically to you
  • Failing to secure the card
  • Using the Card for non-University purchases, even if you intend/intended to reimburse the University
  • Failure to provide proper documentation (detailed, itemized receipts; travel forms; business meal forms; UMW Finance Card Agreements that apply to Cardholders who sign-out Cards to others; etc.) and receipt packet to Accounts Payable by the monthly deadline posted on the website.
  • Failure to complete the comments section in WORKS  for missing receipts, disputed transactions, and pending credit memos. NOTE: Details of the steps taken to follow-up with vendors must be included in the comment section in WORKS.
  • UMW Faculty/Staff using a Card intended for student use only
  • UMW Faculty/Staff traveling with students using the card for only the Faculty/Staff member’s travel expenses
  • Failure to sign off on valid documented transactions in WORKS in a timely manner
  • Failure to comply with procurement regulations* that apply to your specific funding source.*Contact the Procurement Services Department for procurement regulations.
  • Failure to attempt to collect sales tax inadvertently charged by a merchant


Violation Consequences

  • 1st violation* = Finance will email a warning to Cardholder/Card-user.
  • 2nd violation* = Associate Vice President of Finance will email Cardholder/Card-user and his/her Supervisor(s).
  • 3rd violation* = Card or Card privilege will be suspended until Cardholder/Card- user attends UMW Finance Card training for the specific violation.

*Depending upon the severity of the infraction as determined by the Associate VP of Finance, the violation could result in numerous consequences, including but not limited to, further specific training based upon the infraction(s), immediate Card cancellation, loss of privilege to use a Card WITHOUT alternative purchasing mechanisms, or further Personnel action.