Conference and Registration Fees

Before ANY travel purchases are made, a Travel Pre-Approval in Chrome River should be completely approved IN ADVANCE (BEFORE travel purchases are made).

If LODGING is INCLUDED in the fee, contact Accounts Payable PRIOR to registration/purchase/payment to AVOID OUT-OF-POCKET EXPENSES. If lodging is included in the conference or registration fee, Accounts Payable has to get a written exception from DOA (the Commonwealth’s Comptroller’s office). The written approval from DOA must be attached to the purchasing source (personal reimbursement OR credit card payment, if the SPCC departmental credit card was used).

The departmental credit card (SPCC) can be used to pay for conference and registration fees. IF Card is not accepted as a method of payment for the conference or registration fee, see “Conference or Registration Fee” on the Direct Pay Table for payment details.

NOTE: If travel expenses involve overnight stay OR if the travel is Day-Only travel that exceeds $500 (including the conference or registration fee), a completed Travel Pre-Approval in Chrome River MUST BE ATTACHED to the SPCC paperwork and/or reimbursement request.