What is Required by UMW to make payment to a Vendor/Supplier/Payee (business or individual)?

For every payment, UMW requires detailed supporting documentation (an invoice for goods or services; special UMW paperwork for some Direct Pays; receipts for reimbursements; etc.). In addition, the Accounts Payable department may need a Commonwealth of Virginia W-9 (COV W-9).  To determine what’s required for payment, do the following steps below.  NOTE: Contractors performing services or supplying goods to UMW must be in compliance with the Commonwealth Fair Employment Contracting Acts § 2.2-4200 and § 2.2-4201.


  1. Complete and submit the QUESTIONNAIRE below. (Anyone can complete the Questionnaire.)
  2. Based upon the responses, Accounts Payable (AP) will email both the Vendor/Supplier/Payee AND the UMW contact. IF payment is for anything OTHER THAN REIMBURSEMENT, AP will include required form(s) along with guidance and a SECURE LINK for any required form(s) to be uploaded by the Vendor/Supplier/Payee. If foreign company or individual needs to submit a Withholding Certificate Form, use the IRS link found within the Questionnaire below to find the appropriate form and upload that completed form to this same secure link that will be provided in the email from AP.  Do NOT email completed Vendor/Supplier/Payee forms. Email is NOT a secure way to send sensitive information. Use the secure link provided within the email to upload forms. Attempting to submit forms in ways OTHER THAN than BOX secure upload undermines state compliance. 
  3. IF payment is for anything OTHER THAN A REIMBURSEMENT, AP will get the necessary Cardinal ID number from Richmond AFTER AP receives the uploaded required forms from the Vendor/Supplier/Payee.
    NOTE THIS PROCESS can take 2 weeks or more to complete once AP receives the vendor forms from the Vendor/Supplier/Payee.
  4. AFTER AP receives the Cardinal ID number, AP will email the UMW contact the Banner ID and other information to let the UMW contact know when the vendor/supplier/payee is ready in the system(s).

See Important Notes and other helpful information in gray boxes below Questionnaire.

Important Notes: 

Notes to UMW Employees and Students:

  • PRIOR TO ordering goods/services from a vendor or entering into any contract, follow Procurement Services regulations to ensure compliance for payment.
  • For non-charge card purchases, PRIOR TO ordering or entering into contract, ensure vendor is in Banner AND ACTIVE—see TESS for instructions. (UMW employees have access to Banner.)
  • For reimbursements, use Chrome River (ALL UMW employees have access to Chrome River; ONLY UMW employees have access)
    • If student or guest name does NOT populate in the non-employee field in Chrome River, complete QUESTIONNAIRE below to start the process of getting the payee into Chrome River for reimbursement.

Notes to ALL (UMW Vendors/Suppliers/Payees/Guests/UMW Employees/UMW Students)

Helpful information is found below the questionnaire:  How Payments are Processed, Payment Options, and What are some reasons that can cause payment delays?

For Guest reimbursements, ask your UMW contact to enter the request in Chrome River (ALL UMW employees have access to Chrome River)


How Payments are Processed – UMW requires detailed backup documentation for all payments

  • paperlessVendors who provide goods/services are required to submit detailed invoices directly to Accounts Payable, and the preferred method of delivery is pdf invoice to invoices@mail.umw.edu . Copy your UMW Contact on the email.
    • If payment is made by check or direct deposit (ACH or EDI) according to the Virginia Prompt Pay Act, the required payment due date is established by the terms of the contract; or if a contract is not in existence, 30 calendar days after the receipt of a proper invoice, or 30 days after the receipt of goods or services, whichever is the later.
    • If payment is made by charge card, payment can happen as long as goods/services have been received. However, if payment has not been made within 30 days based upon the Virginia Prompt Pay Act (as detailed above), the payment is considered late, and the cardholder must contact the Program Administrator of the SPCC or the UMW Finance Card, whichever card is being used, to obtain permission to make late payments.
  • For some Direct Pays (EXCEPTIONS to eVA entry), UMW uses internal documents to serve as an invoice to initiate payment. The Direct Pay Table provides detailed instructions for each type of Direct Pay and the required documentation for payment to happen.
  • Reimbursements are processed through Chrome River.


Payment Options

1. PREFERRED PAYMENT OPTION = Charge card payment directly from the department with whom business is being done. BENEFIT = Immediate payment to vendor!

2. Bank of America’s ePayables (Virtual  Payables). BENEFIT = Net 16 day payment terms. Vendors participating in the ePayables program will receive Net 16 day payment terms.

3. EDI or ACH – (Electronic Data Interchange) EDI is handled directly through the Commonwealth of Virginia – Visit the Commonwealth of Virginia site for details and enrollment information.

NOTE: If your business is enrolled in EDI with the Commonwealth of Virginia, state-funded goods/services will be paid through EDI; however, non-state funded goods/services will be paid using paper check from UMW and will be mailed through USPS. If a good/service is split-coded (partial funding from state funds and partial funding from non-state funds) the vendor’s payment would be partial EDI and partial paper check. Comptroller’s Debt Setoff applies to EDI payments.

  1. Paper Check – UMW strongly encourages one of the other payment methods (1 – 3) listed above

NOTE relating to #3 and #4: Unless otherwise stated in contract, invoices are paid based upon the Virginia Prompt Pay Act, which says invoice is paid 30 days from the date UMW received the invoice or the goods/services, whichever is later. If vendor is not properly registered with UMW (properly registered has a valid COV W-9 and any other required forms on file at UMW), then all invoices are considered in dispute and will be paid 30 days from resolution of the dispute.


What are some reasons that can cause payment delays?

  • UMW representative didn’t follow proper procedures for Direct Pay, or if NON-Direct Pay, UMW representative didn’t follow proper procedures for order placement or contract requirements
  • Vendor did not send invoice to invoices@mail.umw.edu or attention Accounts Payable through US Mail
  • Unauthorized person signs contract
  • Purchase Order Number not on invoice
  • Work not completed
  • Goods not received
  • COV W-9 or other required form incorrectly signed
  • Improper invoice received
  • Invoice is in dispute