Accounts Payable

Welcome to the Accounts Payable Department! The Accounts Payable Department is responsible for processing all University of Mary Washington, James Monroe Museum and Belmont checks OTHER THAN Payroll. Our office is located in Eagle Village Suite 480. (Please contact the UMW Foundation for Foundation checks.)

As an agency of the Commonwealth of Virginia, UMW has a public obligation to ensure that all expenditures are essential and reasonable and that they support the mission of the University. Remember that accounts are open to the public and must be able to sustain the test of public review. The Commonwealth’s regulations in the CAPP manual dictate whether an expense is allowable and when goods or services will be paid. The Accounts Payable Department is responsible for making sure that UMW pays for only allowable expenses as stated in the CAPP manual and in accordance to the Virginia Prompt Pay Act, which states that invoices must be paid 30 days from the date UMW receives the invoice or goods/services, whichever is later.

The mission of the Accounts Payable Department is to provide professional customer service while processing payments in accordance with all IRS, Commonwealth of Virginia, and UMW regulations, policies and procedures. By processing within IRS, Commonwealth, and UMW guidelines, the Accounts Payable Department should be able to accomplish their goal of doing well on the Standards of Management Review, which can directly affect the funding for UMW, and avoiding IRS fines.

The mission of this site is to provide clear information for faculty, students, staff and university guests regarding the policies and procedures for processing payments other than Payroll. The site will focus on most policies and procedures, including travel regulations, business meal regulations, various types of available credit cards, vendor payment processes, reimbursement procedures, honoraria and cash award payments and will provide links to various forms needed in order to be in compliance with the various regulations.