More than Three Employees

Travel needs are determined at the supervisor level.  Therefore, standard travel approvals apply for travel involving more than three EMPLOYEES from UMW to a single travel destination.

Where it is determined in advance that a seminar, workshop or training program is essential to staff development for five or more EMPLOYEES, UMW shall investigate the option of bringing the trainer on site instead of authorizing employees to travel to an off-site location.  UMW shall document the comparative cost of an on-site session and retain such documentation on file with the travel records. UMW must also explore the practicality of fulfilling the desired staff development goals through use of studio and video teleconferencing where these options may be more cost-effective.

In selecting locations for meetings, UMW shall give first preference to State-owned facilities. For meetings of policy, advisory, or supervisory boards, the selection of a meeting site should reflect the policy that a public body conducting public business shall take care that public funds are expended prudently.

In planning for an agency-sponsored conference, use the Lodging and M&IE rates in Chrome River as a measure of reasonableness. UMW should be prudent in selecting the most cost beneficial option available to the Commonwealth, and UMW Procurement Services guidance should be followed. Documentation supporting the procurement must justify any costs in excess of the guidelines based on the overall conference procurement costs (i.e., free room space or other no or low-cost amenities needed for meetings.)

For reimbursements where these guidelines are used, “Cost based on Procurement Guidelines” must be clearly stated on the reimbursement voucher.