UMW Finance Card

The UMW Finance Cards are credit cards that can be used by members of the UMW community to pay for certain items that are not allowed on the SPCC. Some cards have individual names; other cards have department names. People who hold UMW Finance Cards in their own name or in the name of a department–and their immediate supervisor–are required to complete annual training. The UMW Finance Card is separate and distinct from the Commonwealth SPCC card and has been branded as the UMW Finance Card with a “UMW Finance” logo to prevent any confusion with the SPCC.

UMW obtained a very specific exception from the Department of Accounts (DOA) in order to have UMW Finance Cards; therefore, this web site will attempt to clearly guide the UMW community through the process of using these Cards, including the circumstances surrounding the allowed use.

Due to the specifics of the DOA exception to have these Cards, an individual with a Card in his/her name might be required to get an additional exception from Accounts Payable for expanded use of the Card outside the normal realm of purchases for which the Card was issued to the individual. For example, coaches are generally issued Finance Cards for team travel. If a coach wants to take a job candidate out for a business meal, the coach needs to get written approval from Accounts Payable PRIOR to using his/her named UMW Finance Card in that capacity. Cardholders and Supervisors of those Cardholders can find details regarding mandatory UMW Finance Card processes at UMW Finance Card Processes.

A UMW Finance Card can be reserved by contacting the Cashiers Office. PRIOR TO RESERVING A CARD, EMAIL for approval to use the card. Appropriate documentation (as indicated within the links below) must be provided to the Cashier in order to check out a UMW Finance Card.

The UMW Finance Card is paid directly by UMW and may be used to pay for the following items:

Non-State Funded Purchases, including Non-State eVA Purchases

To use the UMW Finance Card to pay for NON-State funded purchases, including Non-State funded purchases made in eVA, read the NON-State Funded Purchases site. NOTE: With the exception of Travel Expenses, some Business Meals, and Agency Funds (Banner Funds that begin with an “8”), procurement guidelines apply to all purchases; contact the Procurement Services department for information.

Business Meals

To use the UMW Finance Card to pay for a Business Meal, read the Business Meal regulations where you will find detailed instructions.

Travel-Related Expenses when Traveling with a Student

To use the UMW Finance card to pay for travel-related expenses, you must read the guidelines for Travel with Students and follow the regulations on the type of travel involved (i.e., Team Travel, Study Abroad, Professor taking a student to a conference, etc.)

Student Activities and Engagement, Campus Recreation, Residence Life, and Honor Council

Please click on the appropriate section link below to find instructions regarding the use of these departmental Cards:

Agency Fund expenditures – Banner fund that begins with an 8

The UMW Finance Card for Agency Funds may be checked out at the Cashier’s Office to make purchases that are funded with 8 Funds. If you wish to make a purchase that is funded with a Banner Fund that begins with an “8,” then follow the instructions at Agency 8 Funds.