eCommerce at UMW

What is eCommerce?

eCommerce is a web-based payment tool that allows departments across the University of Mary Washington to accept payments online via credit card and eCheck. Examples of use include workshop registrations, concert tickets, class registrations, and summer camps.


eCommerce Resources

Benefits of eCommerce

Consultation & Training Provided
You’re not alone!  We will help you evaluate the needs of your payment site, share best practices for site set up, and train you on how access and evaluate the payment information reports.

Accept Online Payments
Participants can pay quickly and conveniently by eCheck or credit card.

Generate Revenue & Track Payments
Departments have access to query reports by participants, credit cards and event title for ease of reconcile.  Event revenue posts directly into the Operational Budget.

Easy Access
eCommerce sites will link directly from the event site for seamless navigation for the payer.

Faculty-Led Programs
Provide your program participants the ability to pay for program fees and any miscellaneous charges in just a few simple clicks.

No On-Site Fee Collections
Participants pay online!  Therefore security of credit card numbers and cash is no longer a worry for your department.  There is no need to regularly accept cash and credit cards in the department, freeing staff to focus on event and program management.

Preliminary Requirements

Read through the eCommerce Partnership Agreement (ECPA)
This agreement outlines the partnerships, requirements and responsibilities involved in the management of an eCommerce site.

Procedural Compliance
eCommerce is managed in accordance with the following University Policies and Procedures:

Cash Handling Policy and Procedure
UMW University Refund Policy
Network and Computer Use Policy
Finance Security Compliance

These procedures will be explained in more detail during training.

Schedule eCommerce Training
eCommerce training is provided by TESS prior to site activation to assist users with the requirements necessary to organize, maintain and reconcile an eCommerce site.


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