eCommerce Partnership Agreement (ECPA)

eCommerce is a web-based payment tool that allows departments across the University of Mary Washington to accept online payment via credit card and echeck.  Examples of use include workshop registrations, concert tickets, class registrations, and summer camp.

To take full advantage of this system, a partnership must exist between eCommerce users, department web managers and members of our finance and technology departments. The partnership provisions and user responsibilities are provided to you via start up and on-going thru site communications, training, appropriate system securities, and compliance requirements.

By accepting use of eCommerce sites, you are agreeing to your partnering and compliance in eCommerce site management in the following:

I agree:

To have received my departments approval to use eCommerce as a tool for accepting online payment or registrations/or fees for my eCommerce store, event or program offering.

To comply with Payment Card Security Standards (PCI/DSS) by not requesting, entering or storing credit card or echeck information for any reason, and participating in PCI-DSS traning, if required.

To work with eCommerce administration for site content needs. This includes providing proper FOAPAL for the event, change requirements, and communication regarding site start and end dates.

To work with my department web manager for eCommerce web links and web page requirements.

To attend training as required by my eCommerce and/or my Banner Finance security profile.

To create an eCommerce procedure for my event/department needs, which will include the University Cash Handling policies when when accepting cash, checks, and credit cards.

To follow University Procurement regulations when paying for items related to the event/program.

To remain in compliance according to the eCommerce Compliance requirements.  The eCommerce Reconciler will complete monthly Payment Reconciliations by the 10th of the following month with program manager approval, and provide documentation for audit as requested.

To contact eCommerce administration with any changes to the eCommerce site content or change of user system access.

To follow procedures as outlined in the eCommerce Training Manual for site management.

ECPA Acknowledgement

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