Finance Procedures

Finance Procedures are established by the Finance Department to help members of the University community understand the steps that must be followed to comply with University vs State standards. The following procedures are developed in support of various Finance Policies and may require the use of Administration and Finance Forms.

Raffle Procedure

Provides information to departments for requesting to conduct and properly conducting a raffle in accordance with the University’s status as a non-profit institution.

Electronic Device Stipend Procedure

The Electronic Device Stipend Procedure outlines the steps for eligible University personnel to request a stipend to compensate for the business use portion of their personal cell phone plan using the Electronic Device Stipend Worksheet and Agreement.

Commuter Choice Procedure

The Commuter Choice Procedure details the eligibility and enrollment process for employees participating in the transportation benefit program, Commonwealth Commuter Choice.

Procedure for Identity Theft Prevention Program

The Procedures for Identity Theft Prevention Program details UMW’s efforts to protect personal information through the prevention, detection and mitigation of potential security breaches.

Procedure for Handling and Recording Incoming Payments

The Procedure for Handling and Recording Incoming Payments is to establish uniform handling of all incoming payments in compliance with Commonwealth Accounting Policies and Procedures.

Housekeeping Stipend Procedure

Eligible UMW Housekeeping employees may request a stipend to cover the expenses involved in the use of their personal vehicles to perform their job duties.