BUG Meeting

When: Wednesday, April 19th 1 – 3pm
Where: CRUC, Colonnade Room



Welcome new BUGs

Greta Kratowicz – Operations & Testing Manager, Office of Disability Resources

AGENDAIN Progress…

Project Recycled Runway 

Guest Speaker and Judge: Sean Morrow.

Sean Morrow is UMW’s Sustainability Coordinator in the Office of Sustainability, centered within Facilities Operations. In his current position, Sean works on programs and initiatives such as plastic phase-out, recycling efforts, and climate action planning, to help guide the university to more ‘green’ standards. He currently serves as co-chairs for both the President’s Council on Sustainability and the Climate Action Task Force.

The Climate Action Task Force was formed in March of 2022 to research the University’s transition to renewable energy and net zero greenhouse gas emissions. The group is currently writing the University’s first Climate Action Plan, which will lay the groundwork for achieving these important goals.

Recycling at UMW

CAS meeting topics:

Entry of the contract number within the Req External Contract field.
Process is manual, requires entry on each line item, requires reentry on change order.  Duplicaiton of your work and time. TBD on DGS enhancement for copy feature and/or bring in contract number directly from catalogs.


Requisition Rejections
In legacy eVA, procurement had the ability to edit your order. This function is not allowed in NextGen. In order to ensure compliance with contract, internal and external regulations, requisitions are rejected to allow editing.

What is Being Reviewed on a Requisition?

eVA Registration
Requsting supplier (aka vendor) self registration is not new.

Self registration allows the supplier to update their eVA profile

  • address changes
  • tax information
  • contacts and the like.

We have found that state entered vendor (that is when someone else enters the supplier information) creates a separate set of problems for data ownership and updates.  Security requirement make it almost impossible to act on behalf of a supplier.

How do suppliers register with eVA?

How do State Entered Vendors correct thier eVA Registration?

eVA Supplier General Help Form

How do I Confirm the Supplier Received the Order?
Suppliers who are State entered & non registered (aka Ad Hoc)  will not receive electronic orders, nor will buyers receive confirmation. Buyers will not receive confirmation on Confirming Orders.

For Self Registred vendors: view History of PO Sent. Sample of when it all goes right:PO04269040
History of PO sent and email notifications are not seen on Confirming Orders (also known as Internal Orders), Punch out Catalogs or Ad Hoc.

check out the 2/15 DGS BUG, scroll forward to 32  minutes of play for information and demonstrations.

How do I print the order to send to the Vendor?
From the PO naviagate to Other Actions, Send PO.  Open the Supplier Contact dropdown, choose a supplier from the list and send.

If there are no suppliers listed in the dropdown, print the PO and send via email to your personal contact.


eVA, Cardinal & Banner Relationship
Best scenario:

  • Vendors Self Register with correct tax information, contact information, address information and attach their correct and corresponding W-9 form
  • Data from eVA is sent to Cardinal and Cardinal approves the order.
  • Vendor completes Banner forms (for check requests only). Informaation on form matches information in eVA that has has been approved in Cardinal.

For check payments -UMW cannot pay any vendor that is not approved in Cardinal. You must review the Cardinal Verified Vendor Report prior to vendor selection to ensure we can pay for goods and services.  A UMW contracted vendor does not mean the vendor is setup for check payment- always review the report.


      • Tax forms submitted to UMW do not match eVA Tax form in address or Tax ID
      • Forms returned do not have proper electornic signtuare.  Hand signature is preferred.
      • Forms returned are not returned in pdf format and require reconversion.
      • Cardinal disapproves use of vendor due to any confilicting information, including addresses.
      • Vendors do not know they were state entered and have difficulty updating their eVA registration.
      • Self registered vendors do not understand the eVA registration process due to turnover, lack of training in new system, may have issues obtaining eVA support for their specific need.

Vendor managment takes outreach to external agencies and outreach to the vendor.

Establishing the vendor profile in Banner requires a 3 way match with eVA/Cardinal and Banner.

It takes at least two weeks to establish a Banner vender.


We are still waiting for:

Copy function for the External Contract Number

Training Materials: