BUG Meeting

Date: Wednesday, September 13th 2023
Time: 1:00pm
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 Budget – Kate Wheeler, Budget Analyst


Accounting – Arin Doerfler, Sr. Accountant – Fixed Assets 


Accounts Payable 

UMW President, Dr. Troy D. Paino, has designated signing authority on his behalf to specific individuals.  These individuals are designated to sign certain administrative documents as identified by the statement “President or Designee.” Delegations shall include the training needed to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations and to uphold the integrity of the University.

There are two types of designations by the President: (1) Contract signing authority and (2) Finance signing authority for the Business Meal form. Designated Signers for the President 

  • New! UMW Student Club form– Departments are encouraged to engage with UMW student clubs for event performances.
  • Late Invoices– make sure your department has a process in place to  ensure invoices are not sitting in mailboxes or on desks for days at a time. It is very important that we pay within the State’s 30 day prompt pay requirement.



  • eVA notifications via email (rejections, approvals etc) are generic and uninformative.
    • Take a moment to look at the order, messaging and comments before completing task.
  • Change orders on legacy EP orders.

Entering a change order on an old EP order generates a new PO number. This can be confusing for a vendor since it appears to be a “new” order. It is critical to enter a comment to the supplier letting them know the change order references or replaces EPXXXXXX.

If a vendor receives an order that appears to be new (no indication of a change to an existing order) and fills the entire order, UMW is responsible for the payment.

Reminder: eVA orders are legal contracts between UMW and the supplier.

  • Change Order Comments –  please be very clear about what changes you are making to the purchase order.


  • eVA Update to PO and REQ Browsing
    • New! Order Date (PO) and Created Date (REQ) have been added to the grid view. Instructions for hiding/showing/reordering columns can be found within the eVA User Manual HERE.
  • Updated! Clothing Table
    What is the University’s Mission? https://www.umw.edu/about/our-mission/
  • eVA Gotcha’s
    • Shipping Address header does not update item ship address if changed after item is added to REQ.
    • Delivery Date defaults to 30 days on the PO. Make sure you add the Delivery Date to the REQ
    • Beginning next month, eVA will inactivate your login if past login is 90 days.  Users must contact Vickie Chapman or Vanessa Koszyk to reactivate