BUG Meeting!

May 12th, 1pm


Welcome new BUGs!

Debbie Dunivan-Huff , Office Manager forTalley Center
Kate Wheeler, Budget Analyst
Margaret (Maggie) Hinson, Lead Painter

Breakout Session-Introductions and how your job duties impact group

Accounts Payable

  • Updated forms: Vendor Registration Form and Invoice for Direct Pay Form.  All AP forms found here: https://adminfinance.umw.edu/ap/forms/
  • Honoraria and Payment Due Dates
  • Use of Prior Activity Code, dates and importance of use


  • Choose FY22 for EP purchases that will not require payment before last check run on June 23rd (Check date is June 24th)
  • For purchases with partial payments prior or on June 23rd and payment for next FY (beginning July 1st) choose FY21.  Work with our department to encumber the correct PO value by FY.  
  • Direct payments for FY22 payments can begin June 14th.  Change the invoice transaction date to 7/01/21 and get the invoice over to Accounts Payable ASAP
  • Reduce purchase orders by amount paid and close them out – contact your procurement team if you need assistance with current or new contracts.


  • Confirming Orders- Advantages and when to use
  • SPCC/Finance Card and  Record Retention policy