Procurement Services Forms

Consulting Contract Return on Investment Justification Form

For Consulting Services which exceed $10,000, this Consulting Contract Return on Investment Justification Form is REQUIRED. The Commonwealth of Virginia laws mandate Higher Education to maximize competition in the procurement process. Exemptions from competition must be fully justified, documented and pre-approved. Consulting services valued up to $100,000 are exempt from competition. This form will substantiate a Consulting procurement and ensure a Return on Investment for the University.

Contractor’s Form Addendum

This form may be used in conjunction with an agreement presented by a Contractor to the University, in order to mitigate some contracting risk.  Contact Procurement Services for assistance with vendor contracts.

Emergency Purchase Template

An emergency is an occurrence of a serious and urgent nature that demands immediate action.  Emergency procedures may be utilized only to purchase that which is necessary to cover the emergency.  Subsequent requirements shall be obtained using normal purchasing procedures.  The potential loss of funds at the end of a fiscal year is not considered to be an emergency.  Contact Procurement Services for assistance with emergency procurements.  This form will be used to document the purchase.

Performer/Entertainment Contract

This is an official UMW contract and the preferred form of agreement for the performance of personal services of talent. This contract has been approved by the Virginia Attorney General’s Office and may not be modified. A University Performer’s Contract may be signed by any Faculty or Staff member with Delegated Purchasing Authority up to the $10,000 single transaction limit or alternate limits as defined in the Signature Card.

Performer/Entertainment Contract_Fillable
Performer/Entertainment Contract_Not Fillable

Purchase/Payment Approval Request Form

In light of the current COVID health crisis and the overall resulting impact to the University’s budget, all purchases of goods and services, with the exception of Emergency Management and Facilities, require Cabinet-level approval prior to procuring, regardless of fund source and payment method. To facilitate this process, please fill out this Purchase/Payment Approval Request form for Cabinet review.

Sole Source or Proprietary Purchase Template

University policy is to maximize competition in the procurement process.  Exceptions to competition (sole source/proprietary procurement) must be fully justified, documented and pre-approved.  This form will substantiate a Sole Source or Proprietary Procurement.  It will help expedite processing if sufficient detail is provided.  Please attach to this form any additional sheets as necessary to fully answer all questions.

Sole Source or Proprietary Purchase Template_Fillable
Sole Source or Proprietary Purchase Template_Not Fillable

SPCC Forms

As part of continuing efforts to streamline the State’s procurement and payment processes, the Commonwealth of Virginia has established a contract with Bank of America Visa to provide its purchasing card program to state agencies and institutions. The Commonwealth of Virginia prefers the use of the Small Purchase Charge Card (SPCC) when making purchases under $50,000 from vendors that accept the card.  Visit the SPCC Forms page for a list of required documents.

Tax Exempt Certificate

As an agency of the Commonwealth of Virginia, UMW is exempt from paying sales and use taxes for tangible personal property to be consumed by the University.  Visit the UMW Finance Tax Exempt page for additional tax exempt information, including the Sales Tax Exempt Form.

Used Equipment and Equipment Accessory Purchase Request

This form is to be used when purchasing equipment and/or equipment accessories or attachments valued at a purchase price of $2,000 or over. This form shall be completed by the requesting department and submitted to Procurement Services for approval PRIOR to purchasing the item.

UMW Procurement Definitions:

Equipment – any non-consumable item that can be used on its own for a particular purpose. Examples include but are not limited to: tractors, vehicles, and grand pianos or other large musical instruments.

Equipment Accessory – any item that can be added or attached to a piece of equipment to enhance or modify its use or versatility. Examples include but are not limited to: snow plow attachments, fork lift attachments, scientific lab equipment microscope attachments, and mower attachments.

Subject Matter Expert (SME)* – a person who is an authority in a particular area or topic who is able to inspect the condition of the equipment/accessory requested. Inspection need not be in-person. Examples of University SMEs include but are not limited to: Facilities for most used equipment/machinery/automobiles, Music Chair or qualified music instructor for used musical instruments, etc. *Contact Procurement Services if assistance is needed to determine an appropriate SME to contact.

VCE Release

*Please note that the VCE Release Request Form has changed to an online form on the VCE website.

Virginia Correctional Enterprises (VCE): §53.1-47 Code of Virginia requires all furniture to be purchased from VCE. A written release or waiver must be obtained from VCE for all non-VCE furniture purchases prior to the purchase if (§53.1-48 Code of Virginia):

  • The furniture VCE can provide does not meet the reasonable requirements of the department or institution;
  • An identical piece of furniture can be obtained at a verified lesser cost from the private sector, which is evidenced by a verified request for pricing;
  • Or the requisition cannot be fulfilled due to an insufficient supply of the furniture required.

VCE shall be afforded up to 48 hours to respond to a request for a release of furniture less than $200,000.  Contact Procurement Services for assistance if a release has not been received within this time frame.

Vendor Registration Forms

The Vendor Registration Information Form must be completed if you wish to be a vendor for UMW.  In addition to the Vendor Registration Information Form, US citizens, residents, and businesses must complete a Commonwealth of Virginia Substitute W-9 Form. Foreign citizens, residents, and companies must complete the appropriate IRS form for payments, including REIMBURSEMENTS, from UMW.