EaglePAY is our online billing and payment system. EaglePAY allows students and their Authorized Payers to view and print their bills, make online payments and sign up for a payment plan – before the published deadlines. Students must set up their parent or guardian as an Authorized Payer in order for the Authorized Payer to receive a user id and password.  The student is the only one who can add/delete/edit Authorized Payers.

Student EaglePAY login

It is highly recommended that students sign up at least one parent as an Authorized Payer. Allowing them access to bills, make payments or sign up for a payment plan on the student’s behalf.

Authorized Payer EaglePAY login

Authorized Payers will receive an automated email notification with their login name informing them that they have been authorized. The student will provide the initial password to the authorized payer, which can be changed later. Each billing cycle, both the student and authorized payers will receive an email notifying them that the online bill has been sent. Students and Authorized Payers receive a link in their email that takes them directly to the EaglePAY login page. Alternatively, Authorized Payers can access the link above to login in once they have a user name and password.

Please note that a service fee is charged by NBS for all credit card payments made through EaglePAY. ________________________________________________________________

EaglePAY Benefits

• Able to view bills electronically 24 hours a day, 7 days a week online.  With the exception of scheduled maintenance downtimes.
• Able to pay bills electronically 24 hours a day, 7 days a week online.  With the exception of scheduled maintenance downtimes.
• Able to grant individual access to others by setting them up as an Authorized Payer
• Able to view current up-to-date account activity
• Able to receive notifications when a new bill becomes available
• Able to access and print a PDF of the latest bill anytime
• Able to confirm your payment immediately

If you have questions for Nelnet Business Solutions, you can reach them at 800-609-8056.

If you have questions for the Office of Student Accounts please either call or email us at the number/e-mail address below.