Students may submit appeal to the University of Mary Washington Tuition Appeal Committee for the removal of tuition and comp fees or late fee charges on their student account for extenuating circumstances. Students must file an appeal within 30 days of the original bill date for the charges or within 30 days of the student’s withdrawal from the University. Charges on the account from Residence Life, Simpson Library, or the Parking Management Office should be appealed through those specific offices.


The Appeal Committee will not make any decisions that contradicts academic information. All Offices will work to keep financial and academic information consistent. Any UMW tuition and fee appeals that would cause inconsistencies between academic and financial information will be decided in conjunction with the University Registrar.

If an appeal is approved, the Committee will decide what action is to be taken. The appealed charge(s) may be either reduced or entirely canceled while prorated refunds are still granted under the normal UMW refund policy.  Appealed refunds granted after the last day to receive a prorated refund under the normal refund policy will not exceed 50%.  The decision of the committee is final.


The student must submit the Tuition Appeal Form to the Office of Student Accounts within the allotted time period. Students must provide official supporting documentation. Appeals submitted without the appropriate supporting documentation will be denied. Appeals will ONLY be accepted from the student unless the extenuating circumstance in question prohibits the student from being able to do so.

The Appeal Committee will meet periodically as needed. All decisions or requests for more information will be sent to the student’s UMW email account. The student will be required to submit any requested information within two weeks of the request.