Outside Scholarships


Recipients of Private Scholarships that require billing or enrollment verification may forward a copy of the scholarship notification from the donor to:

University of Mary Washington
C/O Student Accounts Office
1301 College Ave
Fredericksburg, VA 22401-5300


Recipients of Private Scholarships who personally receive the scholarship check, or donors who would like to mail the check to the University, must forward the payment to:

University of Mary Washington
C/O Cashiers’ Office
1301 College Ave
Fredericksburg VA 22401-5300


All Private Scholarships are equally divided between the Fall and Spring Semesters unless otherwise stated on the award letter from the donor or on the scholarship check. Proceeds will be credited to the student’s account as they are received. Please deduct any pending scholarships funds from the amount due on any bills, if the funds will arrive before the due date and have not already been credited to the account.

If the Private Scholarship is made out to both the university and the student, the student will need to endorse the check before we can apply it to their account.

Please note that Private Scholarships, Prepaid Tuition Plans, and Veterans Benefits may impact the total financial aid award.

Financial Aid recipients who are not planning to attend must contact the Office of Financial Aid and the Office of the Registrar prior to the first day of classes.

Students are financially responsible for all tuition and fee charges should any private scholarships/third party payments are not  approved or sent to the University by the due date on a bill.