Dodd Auditorium


Dodd Auditorium is a traditional proscenium arch performance space with over 1200 seats and is staffed by UMW students.

Located in George Washington Hall, Dodd Auditorium is the host to over 200 events. These events include performances by UMW Philharmonics, UMW Jazz Ensemble, UMW A Capella Groups, and the Performing Arts Company (colloquially referred to as PAC). Additionally, in the spring, Dodd is home to the Crawley Great Lives Lecture Series.

For specific questions or for more information, please contact the director of Dodd Auditorium at


Upcoming events that are open to the general public:

Date Event Time
Oct. 11 Small PAC Show 7:30 pm
Oct. 20 US Army Band “Pershing’ Own” 7:30 pm
Oct. 24 Night of the Singing Dead 6 pm
Oct. 27 UMW Concert Band Fall Concert 7:30 pm