Events AV Office

The Events AV Office is a division of the Events & Conferencing Office.  The Office of Events AV handles the audio-visual, Webcasting, and video recording needs for events and conferences on the Fredericksburg & Stafford Campus, and the Geri Melcher’s Home & Gardens at Belmont.

Classroom AV request are supported by the department of Information Technology.  Request can be submitted through the UMW Help Desk.

Services Offered:

Set-up for Events – The Events AV Office has a wide range of equipment that can work in conjunction with existing equipment in the room booked or we can bring in an entire set-up specific for your event.

During Event – An AV staff member can be requested to stay during your event to deal with any AV needs if you wish. They will work with your presenters to make sure their presentations get loaded properly and make sure the equipment is functional at all times during your event.

Tear Down after the Event – The AV staff will return at the end of your event to secure all AV equipment that was used.

Video Recording of Events – The Events AV Office will make an audio/video recording of your event that will be made available to you in a digital format.

Video Web-Broadcasting (“Streaming”) of Events – Alongside video recording, the service of Web-Broadcasting is also available to provide a live video broadcast of your event. NOTE: Web-Broadcasts are limited to specific venues on campus that are equipped with hard-wired internet access.

Audio Recording of Events – The Events AV Office can make an audio recording your event in digital format (.mp3 or .wav).

Steps to Request Services:

Fill out an AV request form and submit it to the Events AV Office two weeks before of your event. If you are not sure what you need, please contact the Events AV Office and speak with a technician who will be happy to assist you.  The AV Staff will contact you two days before your event to confirm your equipment needed, time, and location.