Save money and time at the Copy Center!

Cheapest copies on campus with fast turnaround too! Copies at the Copy Center on campus are only $.035 each that’s half the cost of your departmental copier. And normal turnaround is 24 hours.  The following graph represents savings opportunities if jobs were produced at the Copy Center in lieu of on a departmental copier: YTD POTENTIAL SAVINGS Top 10  YTD Potential Savings Jepson Copier $    2,613.77 GW, 3rd floor $    1,302.24 Trinkle, 2nd floor $     1,182.12 Combs, 3rd floor Copier $        975.23 Eagle Landing, 4th floor $        829.97 Combs, 2nd floor Copier $        675.91 Goolrick $        620.35 Trinkle, 1st floor $        460.53 Combs, 1st floor Copier $        422.67 Lee, 4th floor $        370.20 Top Ten opportunities for savings $     9,452.96 … [Read more...]

Print to your local Konica copier!

Do you know you can print to your local Konica copier? Well you can! If you need assistance please contact us at (540) 654-1935 to get started! … [Read more...]