Network Printing Stats/Savings

Multi-Function Devices, MFDs (aka: copy machines) are networked to support department use and to save money. MFDs allow a reduction in use of the more expensive desk top printers, and provider a savings over traditional copies. The top networked print building/departments in FY14: Simpson – 55,296 Jepson – 32,634 Brent – 18,641 Lee, Admissions – 10,716 Lee, Academic Services – 9,499 AEC, 2nd Floor – 8,374 Lee, Financial Aid – 5,952 Tyler – 4,486 Pollard – 4,273 … [Read more...]

Copy Center Services

Did you know that the Copy Center services extend beyond just making copies? Print banners Clean and print your mailing addresses right on your mail piece Scan Manage small shred jobs Have a copy or mail job coming up? Call for a consultation x2006 … [Read more...]