Post Office

Welcome to the UMW Post Office

The UMW Post Office, is a full service mail center located on the first floor of Woodard Campus Center. It offers many U.S. mail services, including: stamps, priority, certified, insured, registered, international, and overnight mail; shipments of packages up to seventy pounds, and UPS.

The following is an important message from the UMW Post Office:

USPS Price Increase

The USPS has announced a price increase effective Aug. 29, 2021. For more information and to see the list of changes please visit

***Before sending any mail to campus,
please verify your mailbox assignment as many have changed with Remote Learning.***


Post Office and Campus Mail Delivery during COVID-19

For the safety of our staff and customers, the UMW Post Office has implemented new procedures for mail pick up and drop off.

  • Additional cleaning procedures and plexi-glass has been installed for everyone’s protection.
  • Mask are required whenever inside of a building.
  • Maintain 10’ of separation while in line.
  • Wait to be called to the window for assistance.
  • Only one (1) person will be allowed at the window for package pick up/drop off at a time.
  • Once you have given your name, mailbox number and shown Photo ID you will be asked to retrieve your package on the table at the back door.
  • Follow the directional signs for 1 way in and out.
  • Only five (5) people allowed into the mailbox area at a time.

All mail will be returned to sender after 30 days unless you email the UMW PO at and make arrangements to have your mail sent to your current address. This option is only available if you have money on your EagleOne card.

USPS regulations do not allow us to forward any mail. You cannot fill out a mail forwarding form with the USPS as UMW is considered a business. You must let your correspondents know about your address change.

If you have a subscription for re-occurring deliveries PLEASE make sure you go and change that address.


Student COVID-19 FAQ’s

I ordered a package but will not be on campus until September 10, 2020.  Will my package be sent back?

  1. No, the UMW Post Office will hold packages until September 30, 2020 to give students the opportunity to pick up packages.
  2. You can pay to have it shipped to your home address using Eagle One card funds. Please visit to add money to you Eagle One card if needed.
  3. You can come to campus to pick up your items.

I got a third email saying my package is being sent back.  What can I do?

  1. Your package will not be returned. Currently we are holding all mail until September 30, 2020 before returning to sender. This is an automated system that can’t be turned off, so you can disregard until you return to campus or until September 30th.
  2. You have the option of paying for the shipping of your items to your home address using your EagleOne card funds. Please visit to add money to your EagleOne card if needed.

Can I come on campus to pick up my mail and/or packages even though school is not currently being held in person?

Yes, the mail room is open Monday-Friday, 10:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Please note there are now special COVID procedures that must be followed. Please see for those new procedures.

Can I still receive mail at the UMW Post Office?

Yes, you can, but we do recommend sending as much as possible to your home address to help insure timely delivery of important items.

I ordered my Parking decal; how will I receive it?

  1. Your decal is being held as a package at the UMW Post Office. You will receive a notification when it arrives and is ready for pick up.
  1. Decals can be mailed to an off -campus address using USPS flat rate with tracking. The cost is $7.15. Please contact the UMW Post Office at 540-654-1049 for assistance.

My residency status has changed, will my mailbox assignment change?

If you are not returning to campus as a residential student you will be assigned a new mailbox number. Make sure to check in EagleNet, under personal information, meal plan/mailbox to find your current mailbox assignment. Please make sure to use this mailbox number when sending packages to campus.

My Mailbox number changed, but I used my old mailbox number. Will my package be returned?

No, we will make every attempt to route your package to the correct mailbox. In the event that we cannot determine the correct person to deliver the package to we will set the package aside. If you are expecting a package and have not received a package notification email, please reach out to to have us research your package. In order to process mail faster we do ask that you please make sure whenever possible to use the correct mailbox number and use your full legal name on your package.

Faculty & Staff:

Delivery times and locations for the faculty and staff mail run have changed.  Effective 3/18/2020,  mail for buildings designated as essential will be sorted by department, and delivered to one location within each of the following buildings:

Essential Buildings:

Brent Hall

Eagle Village –  Ste 480

George Washington Hall – RM 111

Hurley Convergence Center

Jepson Alumni Executive Center

Jepson Science

Lee Hall – Student Services Center

Physical Plant

Simpson Library

Goolrick Hall/Tennis Center- RM 106

Monroe Hall- RM 223

James Farmer Hall- Mathematics 106A

Combs Hall- Historic Preservation

University Center- Information Desk

If your building is not listed above, there are two options for receiving campus mail:

1) One representative for your department should contact the UMW Post Office and schedule preferred delivery days to a single location in your building.

2) Department representatives may plan to pick up mail at the UMW Post Office window between the hours of 10:00 am and 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday.

UPS and Fed Ex Deliveries

UPS and FedEx will attempt to deliver to the recipient on the shipping label.  In the event that no one is available to receive these deliveries, after the last attempt the packages will be delivered to the UMW Post Office instead of being returned to sender. The UMW Post Office will notify the recipient via the package tracking system that their package is there and they can make arrangements to get their package.

If you have any questions, please contact Pam Cannon at 540-654-1049 or, or  Amme Mahler Snipes at 540-654-2006 or