What services does the UMW Post Office offer?
UMW Mail Services offers most of the services that USPS and UPS offer. Students, staff & the general public can purchase stamps and ship domestic and international packages, Certified, registered, insured, and express mail service is offered.

Do I keep the same mailbox during my enrollment?
A student’s mailbox will remain the same as long as s/he resides on campus. If residential status changes, then a new mailbox is issued. Eagle Landing students that move back onto campus or become commuting students will receive a new mailbox assignment back on campus.

What if I am studying abroad one semester?
Mail is not forwarded so the student will need to let all correspondents know of a change of address.

What are the procedures for campus mail?
For expedient service to the departments of faculty and staff, we ask that when sending campus mail that it be separated from outgoing mail and include the recipient’s name, and department. Large quantities should be labeled in department order.
Large quantities of student campus mail should be labeled in box order with a distribution request form attached to the mailing.

What are my payment options for postal services?
Cash, check or the EagleOne card are accepted forms of payment. Please include your mail box number and telephone number/extension on your check.

Where can I purchase envelopes or packing supplies?
The UMW Post Office offers a full array of mailing supplies to include decorative bubble mailers, boxes, and bubble wrap.

How much is a First Class Stamp?
A stamp for a First Class letter is $.58 and the cost for a post card stamp is $.40. International postage for a letter is $1.20 for Canada and all other countries.

Do I need a customs form for my international package?
All packages going outside the country or to an APO or FPO require a customs form. The form can be obtained at the mail room during operating hours.

Can my roommate pick up my package?

No. A photo ID is required for the intended recipient to pick up their package.