The University of Mary Washington (UMW) is a premier, selective, public liberal arts and sciences university in Virginia, providing an intensely personal and participatory educational experience. The UMW licensing program exists to protect the University’s reputation, as it extends to the trademarked words and logos chosen to represent the University. These include:

  • University of Mary Washington
  • UMW
  • UMW Eagles
  • UMW Tagline Logo
  • UMW Monogram Logo
  • UMW Brand Extension Logos
  • UMW Seal
  • UMW Athletics Eagle
  • Eagle Nation

The licensing program also serves to develop relationships with merchants, increase brand recognition, ensure high product quality for associated merchandise, and generate revenue that is used to support the mission of the University.

Merchandise or products bearing licensed marks are subject to the approval of the licensing department and can only be issued by licensees.

Licensing Types

Standard License

Most licensees will fall under this category. Licensees may sell an unlimited amount of products to retailers. Initial application fees are $100, with a $50 renewal fee.

Restricted License

This license is only for sales that amount under $2,500 that will be sold to non-chain retailers. Retailers must be approved. See Appendix C of the UMW Trademark Restricted License.


Interested parties should submit the application to the Licensing Coordinator. Once approved, they will need to submit the Licensing Agreement, Certificate of Insurance, factory disclosure, and initial fees. The Licensing Coordinator will send brand guidelines, as well as add the Licensee to the approved vendor list for Brand Comply. Licensees must send all art for approval prior to production, even for reorders.

Sales must be reported quarterly. Royalty fees are 8% and should be paid quarterly.

UMW is a member of the Collegiate Licensed Properties Association (CLPA) which partners with BrandComply College for hangtags and labels. These can be purchased here:

Licensing Application

Frequently Asked Questions


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