GL Work Segments & eVA

The GL segments in Works should match the eVA Allocation fields.  eVA approvals on FOAPAL have taken place and the expectation is that Banner postings will mimic this approval. To guarantee you are allocating correctly in Works, print the PO from the eVA Report Center using the 203 report; which includes the FOAPAL by line item. Report Center>203 Report>enter PCO or PO number.  This print out should be included in your SPCC Works Reconciliation folder and saved as pdf for Works upload. … [Read more...]

Designated Signers

Only specific individuals are allowed to sign university contracts and finance forms. University signature authority is granted by the University President and is strictly outlined in the Signature Card for contracts and the List of Designated Signers for finance forms.  Please ensure your department is aware of the limited authority to sign documents on behalf of UMW. … [Read more...]

Updated SPCC Sign Off Deadlines

Due to lengthy internal processes required to ensure budgets are expensed appropriately and Bank of America gets paid on time, there have been changes to the billing cycle sign off deadlines calendar. These changes will take effect for the October 2023 billing cycle. Attached is a copy of the new billing cycle calendar which is also posted on the Procurement Services website, Billing Cycle Dates page. If you have any questions, please contact your SPCC Program Administrators. 2023-SPCC-Billing-Cycle-Dates_v2 … [Read more...]

Sept. 13th BUG- Save the Date

We are planning the next BUG for Sept 13th at 1pm.  Outlook invite and Agenda forthcoming. … [Read more...]

eVA Line Items require Clear Definition

eVA Approvers must be able to understand what they are approving on each line item of the eVA Requisition.  The word "invoice" or "see attached" are example of inappropriate line item descriptions.   Beginning immediately, If the Approver does not have a clear understanding of what they are approving, the Requisition will be Rejected. Read the Importance of eVA Descriptions … [Read more...]

SPCC Fee Guidance

Effective April 15, 2023, the Commonwealth Accounting Policies and Procedures (CAPP) Manual, which UMW’s SPCC Program must adhere to, changed the maximum allowable charge card fee percentage able to be charged by a supplier from 4% to 3%. The following provides guidance to Cardholders regarding how to handle charge card fees imposed by suppliers.   … [Read more...]

FY23 Check Payments Complete

The final check run for FY23 is complete. All Purchase Orders in eVA must have the FY24 code selected. Continue to follow the year end procedures for FY24 direct payments. Continue to receive on your Banner eVA orders and send the invoice to AP. Zoom meeting to review End of Year and New Year Requirements scheduled for July 11th. … [Read more...]

FY24 Activities This Week

Fiscal Year 2024 will be open in Finance on June 15th. The following activities will begin: eVA PO entries will begin feeding to Banner and will populate FY 24 on FGIBDST and SSB report views. FY 24 PO eVA entries can be received upon.  Remember to date stamp invoices and send to AP. You may begin entering FY24 Direct Pay entires.  A sample entry is posted on June 15th in the End of Year Calendar. Prompt Pay due dates for Direct Pay entries are listed here: Direct process questions to   … [Read more...]

FY24 eVA Requirement

All PCO orders should be coded to FY24 All PO orders should be coded to FY24 unless payment is due on or before the last check run on June 23rd. End of Year Calendar and Information. … [Read more...]

NEW Performer/Entertainment and Instructional Speaker Contract Forms Available!

  Procurement, Accounts Payable, TESS, and Finance have worked together and finalized new versions of the Performer/Entertainment and Instructional Speaker contract forms that we all hope will be more widely beneficial for everyone involved in these types of procurements. If you have an old version of one of these forms saved on your desktop, please delete it and use the NEW versions available. Both contract forms can be found on the Procurement website ( along with descriptions of when these should be used. Questions about the forms? Contact Procurement Services. … [Read more...]