How to Ensure an Accurate and Complete Timecard

Audience:  AF, BW, CE, CN, STU, SU

Topic: How to Ensure an Accurate and Complete Timecard

When reviewing and approving timecards, be sure to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are there In/Out punches missing from the timecard? Missed punches are shown in red as exceptions.


  • Have all leave requests been approved? Do the leave requests show on the timecard?


  • Does the timecard have enough hours worked and leave taken to fulfill the work week or schedule period requirement?
    View the Daily and Period columns on the timecard.


It is imperative that the timecard be reviewed for accuracy. Inaccurate representation of hours could delay payroll processing or cause the employee to be underpaid, overpaid or mistakenly earn compensatory leave.

Reference Materials:
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