Using MyTime’s Accruals Tab

Audience:  AF, BW, CE, CN, STU, SU Topic: What can the Accruals Tab tell me? Found in the "footer" below your timecard, the Accruals Tab offers several features for employees based on their employment category. To access the "footer," click on the icon at the bottom of the "My Timecard" screen. For Full-Time Employees: The Accruals Tab displays leave accrual types, including current and ending leave balances.  The Accrual Reporting Period column shows the beginning and end date of the leave accrual periods.  Current leave balances are displayed in the Accrual Available Balance column.  The Accrual Ending Balance column reflects what the leave balance will be in the future, at the end of the accrual reporting period, if no further leave is taken. For Wage and Student Employees: The Accruals Tab displays the total hours worked against the current year's 1500 allowed hours.  The Accrual Reporting Period column shows the beginning and end date of the … [Read more...]

Timecard Approval Colors

Audience:  BW, CE, CN, STU, SU, AF Topic:  Timecard Colors Indicate Approvals Did you know that MyTime color-codes your timecard so you can view when it has been approved and who approved it? A timecard with a white background indicates that the timecard has not been approved by the employee, supervisor, or Payroll. When an employee approves their timecard before their supervisor, the timecard will turn orange. When a supervisor approves an employee's timecard before the employee approves their timecard, the timecard will turn yellow. When both the supervisor and employee have approved the employee's timecard, the timecard will turn green. If a error is noticed on the employee's timecard after the timecard has been approved by the supervisor, the supervisor's approval must be removed to edit the timecard. When the timecard has been signed-off by Payroll, the page will turn grey. When Payroll has signed-off, the timecard becomes "locked" … [Read more...]

Annual Overtime Leave Election

Audience:  CN, SU Topic:  Annual Overtime Leave Election Period The last day for the 2018 Annual Overtime Leave Election Period is Wednesday, June 27th. The Annual Overtime Leave Election period allows Classified Non-Exempt employees to choose if they want to receive overtime leave or overtime pay if they physically work over 40 hours in a 40 hour work week. If you are a Non-Exempt employee, and you are interested in changing your overtime election, please contact your supervisor.  Supervisors have the ability to view your current overtime leave status and key your selection into Banner SSB. Any changes made to your leave selection will go into effect on July 10, 2018. If you have any questions about Overtime Leave Election, please contact Payroll.  If you have general MyTime questions, please contact the Help Desk at (540) 654-2255 or _____________________________________________________ Reference Materials:  Annual Overtime Leave Election … [Read more...]

Schedule Adjustments

Audience:  AF, CE, CN, SU Topic: Requesting a Schedule Adjustment Does your timecard need a schedule or lunch period adjustment?  Supervisors can request a schedule change on behalf of their employees by submitting the MyTime Supervisor Request Form found on the Payroll website. Once submitted, the MyTime Supervisor Request Form routes to the Payroll department.  A Payroll team member will make the requested adjustments to the employee's schedule in MyTime. Please note that this form is for permanent or semi-permanent changes.  One-time adjustments to the schedule can be made on an employee's timecard in MyTime by their Supervisor.  Instructions on how to do a one-time schedule adjustment are located in Section VII of the MyTime Supervisor Manual. Note to Supervisors:  Please be aware that Payroll may contact you after submission of the MyTime Supervisor Request Form for a detailed explanation of the requested schedule … [Read more...]

MyTime’s Audits Tab

Audience:  AF, BW, CE, CN, STU, SU Topic: What can the Audits Tab tell me? Found in the "footer" below your timecard, the Audits Tab is a new feature that shows edits made to the timecard.     Features of the Audits Tab include the date an edit was made, the type of edit, and the name of the person who made the edit to the timecard.   Use the My Audits dropdown to filter audits to view specific categories.  Audit categories include:  Comments, Approvals, Corrections, etc.   Important to note! The data in the Audits Tab is based on the period of time selected for the timecard.  Use the calendar or the dropdown option above the timecard to view audit history.  Click on each image to view it in a larger size. ____________________________________________________________________ Reference Materials: Section IV – Timecard: Footer Tabs and Section VII - Leave and Accruals: Timecard Footer - Audits Tab of the … [Read more...]

How to Ensure an Accurate and Complete Timecard

Audience:  AF, BW, CE, CN, STU, SU Topic: How to Ensure an Accurate and Complete Timecard When reviewing and approving timecards, be sure to ask yourself the following questions: Are there In/Out punches missing from the timecard? Missed punches are shown in red as exceptions. Have all leave requests been approved? Do the leave requests show on the timecard? Does the timecard have enough hours worked and leave taken to fulfill the work week or schedule period requirement? View the Daily and Period columns on the timecard. It is imperative that the timecard be reviewed for accuracy. Inaccurate representation of hours could delay payroll processing or cause the employee to be underpaid, overpaid or mistakenly earn compensatory leave. ____________________________________________________________________ Reference Materials: Section VI: Editing Timecard Punches and Exceptions Using the Timecard Widget in the MyTime Supervisor Manual Section VII: … [Read more...]

Edit Request for Time Off

Audience:  SU Topic:  Supervisor's Ability to Edit Employee Requests for Time Off Supervisors can edit a Request for Time Off (RTO) before approving the RTO: So hours worked plus leave taken do not exceed the amount needed to fulfill the work week or schedule period requirements If the Start Time for the RTO is not rounded to a quarter hour increment, needs a different Start Date, End Date, Pay Code, or Duration Example:   To edit, select the appropriate request and click the Approve button. Select Edit on the "Approve Time-Off Request." Edit the employee's time off request as needed and click Approve. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Reference Materials:  Section VIII - Edit a Time Off Request in Submitted Status of the Supervisor MyTime Manual … [Read more...]