Schedule Adjustments

Audience:  AF, CE, CN, SU

Topic: Requesting a Schedule Adjustment

Does your timecard need a schedule or lunch period adjustment?  Supervisors can request a schedule change on behalf of their employees by submitting the MyTime Supervisor Request Form found on the Payroll website.


MyTime Supervisor Request Form

Once submitted, the MyTime Supervisor Request Form routes to the Payroll department.  A Payroll team member will make the requested adjustments to the employee’s schedule in MyTime.

Please note that this form is for permanent or semi-permanent changes.  One-time adjustments to the schedule can be made on an employee’s timecard in MyTime by their Supervisor.  Instructions on how to do a one-time schedule adjustment are located in Section VII of the MyTime Supervisor Manual.

Note to Supervisors:  Please be aware that Payroll may contact you after submission of the MyTime Supervisor Request Form for a detailed explanation of the requested schedule change.


Reference Materials:  Section VIII – Schedules and Patterns of the MyTime Supervisor Manual