Calculating Estimated Annual Leave Loss on Classified Employee Timecard

Audience: CE, CN, SU

Topic: How can I calculate how much Annual Leave I might lose as of January 10, 2019?

For Classified employees (this does not pertain to Administrative Faculty employees), annual leave has a maximum number of hours that may be carried forward to the next accrual reporting period (1/10-1/9). Unused hours that exceed the maximum carryover limit are automatically forfeited.

Instructions on how to determine estimated annual leave loss are listed below.


Step 1. Open the Timecard for the Current Pay Period.

Expand the Timecard Footer at the bottom of the Timecard to display the Timecard tabs.

Select the Accruals tab.

Find the Annual Accrual Code. Make note of the Accrual Ending Balance, as this balance will be required to determine estimated leave loss.


Step 2. Navigate to the top right of the Timecard.  To the right of the Pay Period Filter dropdown is a calendar, click to open. Populate the calendar Start Date and End Date with the Accrual end date of 1/10/2019, then click on Apply.

Sample Calendar showing Accrual End Date.


Step 3. Projected Annual balances for 1/10/19 will have replaced the Current Pay Period balances viewed earlier within the Accruals tab.

Subtract the Accrual Opening Balance from the Accrual Ending Balance found in Step 1 (420.0).  The difference is the leave lost hours (420.0-336.0 = 84)

The maximum amount of leave an employee may carry over from one year to the next is based on an employee’s years of service. Please see the chart below.

View the Department of Human Resource Management Policies and Procedure Policy No. 4.10 Title Annual Leave

You may also request that your supervisor run an Accrual Detail report for you, which will show transaction detail of your accrual balance earnings, takings, and carryover (or loss) information.


Reference Materials:

Section VII – Leave and Accruals – Estimated Leave Loss – Timecard Editing Manual

Section VII – Leave and Accruals – Estimated Leave Loss – Timestamp Manual

Section XIX – Reporting – Accrual Detail Report – Supervisor Manual