October Deadline Dates for NextGen – November 1st, 2022

Go Live for eVA NextGen is confirmed for November 1st, 2022.  To prepare for the eVA changes, below is a list of October deadlines for eVA Buyers, Approvers, and Suppliers:

October 1st by 4 PM: No changes to Database users, addresses, Workflows, etc.

October 5th– BUG Meeting 1PM via zoom. Link forthcoming

October 14th – 8 AM: Suppliers Registration Paused-Suppliers cannot be added to eVA until the migration is completed.

October 20th by 4 PM- Buyers: complete all eVA PCO and EP orders, including Change Orders.

October 22nd by 4 PM- Approvers: please Approve/Reject all pending Orders.

October 23rd by 12:00 PM-Buyers: Rejected order should be corrected and resubmitted.  If unable to re-submit, cancel order and resubmit week of November 7th.

October 24th by 4:00 PM- Final eVA Approvals.

Buyers: When all orders have been approved, Run the eVA 200 report. You will use this report to ensure your Active orders migrated successfully. Demo and Instructions during BUG meeting.

October 26th– November 1st-Conversion to NextGen.

eVA Black out period (Restricted eVA entry) is the first week of November with limited exception for data integration and verification testing.

UMW eVA training begins November 7th.

At any time, you may choose to register for training in the state’s LMS system https://eva.virginia.gov/how-to-access-eva-transition-training.html

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