Update Your eVA Desktop Delivery Address

This form is used for updating the "Ship To" office location for eVA buyers. If you have any questions please contact tess@umw.edu.

  • Although each eVA Buyer has an associated eVA address, the building and room number you enter for those areas you support do not. Only eVA Buyer names are entered here.
  • Department names in eVA will begin with UMW followed by the department name you enter here. For example: UMW-History and American Studies or UMW-Admissions. These department names will be visible to all eVA Buyers, print on the Purchase Order and available for selection on Requisition entry. Please type in the full department name.
  • This is the eVA Buyer's email address.
  • A room number or exact location (such as front entry reception area) is necessary for desktop delivery. The best example is: Combs Hall Room 200 or George Washington Hall Room 301. When characters exceed 35, appropriate postal abbreviations will be entered into eVA.
  • For the main campus, most street addresses are 1301 College Avenue. If you are unsure of the street for the building and office you have just entered, please contact the UMW Post Office.
  • Every buyer has an address defaulted to their profile in eVA. The address defaults on the eVA Requisition.