eVA Purchasing and Reconciliations

This class provides a hands-on experience of placing eVA orders, followed by completing sample WORKS Sign Off and Banner Receiving.

eVA II – Training Topics

  • Review Requisition Approval Flow
  • eVA Vendor Lookup
  • Vendors with Cardinal ID
  • Entering and Submitting eVA Orders following procedures found in the eVA eMall Manual
    • EP (check payment)
    • SPCC (credit card payment)
  • Confirming Orders
  • OBO OrderseVA
  • Punchout Catalog vs. Non Catalog
  • Shipping Fees
    • Separate Line Item
    • Commodity Code 96286
  • Ad Hoc Vendors
  • Copy Line ItemsBanner INB
  • Mass Edit FOAP
  • Comments
    • SWaM Quote on File
    • Contract NumberWorks
    • Paid by SPCC (if not identified as PCO)
    • FOAP
  • Close Out / Reconcile Orders
  • Copy Existing Order to Next Fiscal Year
  • Banner Receiving
  • WORKS Sign Off
    • PO# in Comments
    • If eVA Exempt Provide Category (ex. Conference Registration)
  • eVA Exempt Direct Pay Procedures