Finance Class Offerings

Finance training includes hands on practice in eVA, Works and Banner; PowerPoint and Web information regarding State and Internal Finance policies and procedures; Customer Support via email, or telephone, and Open Lab session to accommodate personal one on one training and support.

Class Descriptions are outlined below   Please see Training Calendar in the above Training Information menu to select your class dates.

Fundamentals of Finance

This class is required before participating in Banner or eVA training or as an introduction into Finance for those individuals desiring an overview of their department’s operations. This class reviews and distributes:

  • Security paperwork for Banner, eVA, Works and forms for appropriate credit card
  • EWP Requirements
  • Organizational structure for reporting area
  • FOAPAL elements for reporting area
  • Sample budget reports
  • INB and SSB review
  • Websites review for training and communication needs
  • Assists new users with questions related to Business and Finance operations
  • Guide for training path

Budget Manager

This class is required before participating in Banner or as an introduction into Finance for those individuals  involved in budgetary responsibilities such as operational balances, cash balances, purchasing reviews, reports, queries, encumbrances, and journal transfers.   This class is a high level of view of operations and is part of the Just In Time classes geared for the department VP or Chairperson. This class reviews:

  • Chart of Account Structure for reporting area
  • Explanation of FOAPAL Elements
  • Sample budget report
  • INB and  SSB review
  • Assists new users with questions related to Business and Finance operations
  • Explains basics of user finance obligations such as training and refresher training, profile maintenance, security, deadlines, adherence to state and internal policy and procedures
  • May or may not include use of UMW Global and Works Introduction

Banner class instruction is in the  Production environment.

The Direct Pay Process

This is a mandatory training class for departmental purchasers. The instruction is hands-on in a testing environment. Class training focuses on:

  • Banner Navigation
  • Check Request Processing
  • Banner Approvals
  • Accounts Payable Operations with special regard to Due Dates, Receiving, and Payment
  • eVA Exception Rules
  • Honoraria
  • eVA/Banner/Credit Card Decisions
  • Purchasing requirements in regards to Entertainment and Performer Contracts

Cashiering Sessions

A limited number of departments, outside of the Finance Department, are approved to directly enter transactions into Banner cashiering sessions.   The entries may include Student Account charges from the Health Center and Residence Life, or Deposits/Payments from Admissions and Residence Life.   Small group or one-on-one training is provided for each unique situation of opening/entering data and closing sessions, activity specific coding, and instructions for submitting sessions to the Accounting Office.   Due to its unique need, this training is part of our Just In Time offerings.

Training Includes:

  • Overview of applicable detail codes
  • Demonstration of opening, entering data, and closing a session
  • Demonstration of an upload, as necessary
  • Instructions for submitting a closed session to Accounting
  • Accounting contact information and web links

Please contact  Cheryl Dunn  at (540) 654-1244 or to schedule training.

 Commerce Manager

Commerce Manager is a payment process website established upon request by departments and approval of the Associate Controller of Finance. Commerce manager allows web entry acceptance of credit card and/or echeck payments for events, such as conferences registrations, workshop registrations, athletic camps, concerts, and seminars. Departments desiring this service must first complete Cash Collections training and appropriate paperwork.   This class is taught upon request and is part of our Just In Time offerings.   Training includes:

  • Discussion on how eCommerce can best support your department event
  • eCommerce system fields, navigation, and Reporting
  • Payment methods, Merchant Fees, and Reconciliation
  • Security and Passwords

For additional information and to request training, please contact

Cash Collections

In order to collect monies via website or in person, users must first enroll in Cash Collections training. This training explains state and UMW procedure for the handling and recording of payments.   Departments must establish an internal procedure and become an Approved Collection Points prior to participating in any type of cash collection process, including Commerce Manager. A Template is provided to guide users with their internal collection process. This session is part of our Just In Time training offerings.

Training includes:

  • Definition of cash and standard handling practices
  • Policy Template Review
  • Credit Card Security

Please contact Tony Dahm at (540) 654-1181 or

Purchasing with eVA and use of Credit Cards

This is a mandatory training class for departmental purchasers and a pre-requisite for receiving a credit card. Due to class length, the class is divided into two sections. Registration is needed for both sessions. Below is a list of topics that will be covered.   Visit Procurement Services for additional SPCC Training Requirements and Billing Cycle Dates.

  • Credit Card Processing and Reconciliation
  • Vendor Searches and Catalogs
  • Hands on training for eVA Navigation, Requisition entry, Approvals
  • Information and Data Flows
  • eVA Change Orders
  • Fixed Assets
  • eVA Purchases on Banner Budgets
  • Banner Navigation and Receiving
  • Works

Banner Budget Queries and Reports

Required training for those involved in budgetary responsibilities such as operational balances, cash balances, purchasing reviews, reports, queries, encumbrances, and journal transfers. Class instruction is in the Production environment, so users must know their Banner passwords and FOAPAL elements. Users will walk away with an understanding and knowledge of:

  • Using INB for Budget Queries, Drill Downs, and Printed Reports
  • Using INB for Data Extraction into Excel
  • Using INB for Cash Balances
  • Using SSB for Budget Queries, Drill Downs, and Extractions to Excel
  • Using SSB for Journal Entries
  • Portal Budget and Finance Tab Review
  • VOIP Views
  • Line Item budgeting training, upon request, is an option for these participants.

Works for Me

The   online credit card system from Bank of America, called Works- is used for both the Small Purchase Credit Card (SPCC) and the UMW Finance Card.   Cardholders and managers utilize the Works system in a variety of ways with a variety of programs. Works for Me classes are geared specifically for non-eVA buyers and catered to individual card a processing needs. Classes are included in the Just In Time category and   may involve the following:

  • Chart of Account Information
  • Security Review
  • Procurement Regulations
  • Works Navigation for Cardholders and Cardholder Approvers
  • Card Profile information, Chip and Pin setup and Validation Requirements
  • Internal Processing and Paperwork Requirements
  • Budget Review

Open Lab

One-on-one training sessions to help users with specific questions related to their department finances and/or operations. Upcoming Open Lab dates are listed on the Monthly Training Calendar. Contact for an appointment time.

Assistance for any finance related practice including Banner 9 Training is available every week during the following days/times:

1st Wednesday of the month 2:00 – 3:00pm
2nd Thursday of the month 10:00 – 11:00am
3rd Friday of the month 11:00 – 12:00pm
4th Monday of the month 3:00 – 4:00pm

For additional information or to register for Open Lab, please email