Organizational Changes

Purpose: These procedures describe the protocol for the maintenance and publishing of the official university organizational charts to ensure accuracy and access in support of university operations.
Operational Notes:
  1. Banner data will be used as the primary source of the data for the organizational charts, and will reflect information and changes that have been approved and properly reported to the Office of Human Resources.
  2. The Organizational Chart includes only UMW A/P Faculty and Staff. Teaching Faculty will appear if they supervise staff positions.  Student workers, Independent Contractors, or Volunteers will not appear on the Organization chart.
  3. Organizational Charts are hosted  in the University’s Document Repository and are published:
    – On each Division’s web site,.
    – On the ‘About’ page of the University’s web site, and
    – On the Human Resources’ web site.
  4. Vacancies will be posted on the Organizational Charts; the primary resource for this information is the current Budget Report.  Questions about vacancies will be resolved by the Executive Director of Budget and Financial Analysis.
  5. Data will be transmitted to Cabinet Vice Presidents via email; approvals via email from the Cabinet Vice Presidents to the Office of Human Resources will be accepted.
  6. PDF and PowerPoint versions of Organizational Charts will be shared with departments; for purposes of consistent presentation, departments are encouraged to use these versions in presentations, post on web sites, etc.
General Processes / Procedures for Implementation:
  1. As Supervisors make changes in organizational structure, reporting structure, and / or titles of employees, changes must be communicated to the Office of Human Resources using the Organizational Change form so that Banner data may be updated and its accuracy maintained.  The form will automatically be submitted to the Cabinet Vice President.
  2. The division Cabinet Vice President approves the change(s), and forwards it to the Office of Human Resources or to the President, as appropriate.
  3. After these change(s) have been approved, the Supervisor makes the same change(s) on the EWP (Classified / Wage) or A/P Work Plan (Administrative Professionals).
  4. Once Organizational Change forms have been submitted to the Office of Human Resources, changes will be made in Banner.
  5. Staff in the Office of Human Resources updates the Organization Charts on a quarterly basis; additional updates may be made for major organizational changes at the request of Cabinet Vice Presidents and with the approval of the Vice President for Administration and Finance.

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