Temporary Staff

The University has awarded a new contract for Temporary Services.

Information for Hiring Managers and SPCC holders:

The University awarded the temporary services contract to four vendors to provide temporary staffing to assist with departmental operations.  Temporary staff services may be requested due to different circumstances including: special projects, coverage for extended employee absences, augmentation of the regular work force or employees’ workload or other conditions that create short-term staffing shortages. When considering the use of temporary staff, please keep in mind the following information to make your experience a success:

Budget Impact

Temporary employees are paid from of each department’s operating budget. Each vendor accepts the Small Purchase Credit Card (SPCC) for payment. If you have questions regarding the impact of temporary staffing on your budget, please contact the Office of Budget and Financial Analysis (BFA) at 654.1018.

Length of Temporary Employment

Temporary staff may be hired for a specified or unspecified periods of time extending from 1 day to several months.

Planning for Temporary Hires

When requesting a temporary employee for a specialized position, please note that the turnaround time might be longer (2-5 days) based on available candidates in that area of expertise and the amount of time that is required to complete a background check. If a suitable candidate is not available through the agencies, we will continue to work with you to find a solution to your staffing needs.

Contractor Payment

Temporary employees are paid every week by the selected contractor. Supervisors or designees sign a time-card to approve hours per week, rate of pay, and permission to charge the SPCC.


The Temporary Employment Contract Instructions are available for your use.