A/P Faculty Employed for Less than a Full Contract Period

A/P Faculty Evaluations are to be completed no later than June 25 of each year.

Performance Evaluations for A/P faculty employed for less than a full contract period (June 25 – June 24) should be carried out as follows:

For A/P faculty hired between June 25 and December 24:

  • Full evaluations are  completed as instructed.

For A/P faculty hired between December 25 and June 24:

  • A full evaluation is not required..
  • Either the full evaluation or documented performance feedback may be provided at the discretion of the supervisor, based on date of hire within the period, duties and performance expectations established and/ or accomplished for this period.
  • If a full evaluation is not completed, it is strongly recommended that supervisors provide newly hired A/P faculty performance feedback frequently during their first year and no later than six months after employment.  If an interim review is done, the Interim Evaluation Form may be used.
  • Documented performance feedback should be kept in the supervisor’s file.

For A/P faculty separating from employment with the University on or before the end of the contract period, June 24:

  • Performance evaluations are not required for A/P faculty who are separating from the University on or before the end of the contract period, June 24.
  • Supervisors may complete a full evaluation upon the request of the A/P faculty member.