Best Practices: How to Write an Ad – Job Advertisement Checklist

Exhibit #9: How to Write an Ad – Job Advertisement Checklist

Job Description

  • Tell the story about your institution and why it is special.
  • Describe the position and why it is unique and other attractive elements.
  • Include position title(s) (i.e., descriptive, working, or official).
  • Include essential functions/major duties and responsibilities.
  • Include reporting relationships.
  • Include information about the organization that would attract candidates.
  • Discuss salary or hiring range (as appropriate).

Job Requirements

  • Knowledge, skills, abilities required for the job
  • Education, degree level and fields(s)
  • Licensure, if required or preferred
  • Experience (type of experience and desired fields[s]/discipline[s])
  • Technical expertise or other special requirements
  • Performance requirements (e.g., competencies, abilities, knowledge, demonstrated experience, etc.)
  • Unique requirements of the department or organization

Preferred Criteria

  • Special abilities or experience
  • Membership or leadership in professional associations
  • Certifications or unique training
  • Organizational fit criteria (if appropriate); see Evaluating Organizational Fit: Whey You Should and Must, p.107, and Exhibit #29: Organizational Selection Criteria Examples, p. 110.

Information Sought

  • Letter of interest/cover letter
  • Resume or curriculum vitae
  • Statement of teaching or leadership philosophy
  • Samples of publications
  • Portfolio of material so other work, if appropriate
  • References with full contact information
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Copies of transcripts, official or unofficial
  • Other information or documents that are needed to complete an initial evaluation of the applicant’s credentials and experience.

Information Provided to Applicant

  • Closing date or application review date
  • Position availability or start date (see Application Deadlines and Preferential Filling Dates, p.146)
  • Where and how to apply (e.g. application address, Web address, etc.)
  • Equal opportunity statements (i.e. EEO/AA. American s with Disabilities Act statement)
  • Point of contact for information (e.g., receptionist, hiring authority, search committee chair, HR representative, etc.)

Ad Placement

  • Place ad in places most likely to attract appropriate applicants.
  • Place ad in minority media.
  • Consider ad in targeted media such as journal for that profession.
  • Determine where in the printed media the ad will appear and under what heading.
  • Size the ad to reflect the type of position in question, the relative availability of applicants (e.g. tight job market=bigger ad, etc.), and advertising budget.
  • Determine the mix and type of ads (e.g. online, print, targeted media, etc.).
  • Place a code in ads to determine which ad yielded the best applicants.
  • Seek advice and assistance form the staff of the publications in which ads were placed.
  • Seek advice and assistance of the HR department, equal opportunity officer, or ad agency representative if appropriate) about drafting and placing adds.



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