Developing Interview Questions

Interview questions for classified positions must be submitted for review to HR prior to interviews being conducted.  Hiring officials are encouraged to send these to HR at the same time as the screening sheet as both items need to be reviewed before approval is granted to schedule interviews.

The list of questions should include a mix of technical (computer, program, equipment) as well as behavioral (customer service, teamwork, problem solving) questions.  Questions are based on the qualifications and duties listed in the job advertisement.  Additionally, the following two questions should always be included as part of the interview:

1.  Have you read the Employee Work Profile for this position?

2.  Are you able to perform the duties of this position, with or without, reasonable accommodation?

Work samples may also be used to evaluate a potential employee during the interview process.  HR should also review these before they are used, or they may assist in the development of an appropriate exercise if requested.