The table below includes the collection of UMW Human Resources’ policies, as well as frequently referenced state policies.  If the policy you are seeking is not found in the chart below, please visit The Department of Human Resource Management (DHRM), who maintains the Commonwealth of Virginia’s Human Resources policies.


UMW – University of Mary Washington
DHRM – Department of Human Resource Management
EDR – Employment Dispute Resolution

Policy  Related Documents Policy Source
Administrative and Professional Appraisal Policy A/P Faculty Performance Planning UMW
Alcohol and Drug Related Behavior Policy Alcohol and Drug Related Behavior Policy
Background Check Policy and Procedures UMW
Bias Offense and Incident Reporting Policy Reporting a Bias Incident UMW
Certification, License, Degree Policy Employee Recognition:  CLDS UMW
Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting UMW
Consensual Relationships Policy UMW
Discrimination Complaint Procedures Discrimination Complaints UMW
Grievance Policy for Administrative Professional Faculty UMW
Grievance Policy for Classified Employees EDR
In-band policy and Procedures
Outside Employment Policy Outside Employment UMW
Overtime Pay and Compensatory Leave Policy Overtime & Compensatory Leave UMW
Sexual Misconduct Policy Sexual Misconduct UMW
Smoking Policy UMW
Telework Policy and Procedure UMW
Tuition Waiver Policy Tuition Assistance  UMW
Workers Compensation Return to Work UMW
Workplace Harassment Policy DHRM
Workplace Violence Policy
  • Policies under review will be indicated as such with an asterisk (*)
  • If the policy you are seeking is noted as “under review,” you should contact the Associate Vice President for Human Resources at (540) 654-1214.