UMW Compensation Estimator

Welcome to the UMW Total Compensation Estimator!  When most of us hear the term “compensation”, we typically think of the money we receive in our paycheck.  However, total compensation goes beyond the value of a salary; it is the complete package of benefits offered to employees.  At UMW, total compensation includes:

  • Salary (with overtime/compensatory pay);
  • Health, dental and vision benefits;
  • Disability benefits;
  • Life insurance;
  • A generous annual, personal, and sick leave program;
  • Holidays;
  • Employer paid retirement programs;
  • A cash match for supplemental retirement program participants;
  • Contributions to Social Security and Medicare; and
  • Tuition assistance.

As a current or prospective employee, you may not be aware of the University’s contribution toward the cost of benefits, and/or the value of the various components of the compensation package beyond the base salary. To this end, the University has put together an interactive Total Compensation Estimator which is available to both current and prospective employees. The Total Compensation Estimator provides a more complete picture of the estimated value of your total compensation package at UMW.

In addition to the compensation benefits, there are other programs offered through UMW and the State that add to the value and rewards of being a UMW employee.

Please Note: This estimator has been designed to determine the approximate value of your compensation at UMW and should only be used as a guide. The proper values specified for the input data must be entered, otherwise results will be incorrect.

The estimator is based on full time employment for 12 months depending on your employment type.