Pay Band Structure

The Commonwealth’s chart for pay band and 2015 salary ranges.

13 Pay Factors

These thirteen factors are considered by managers for determining and justifying pay actions and include Agency Business Need; Duties and Responsibilities; Performance; Work Experience and Education; KSAs and Competencies; Training, Certification and Licensure; Internal Salary Alignment; Market Availability, Salary Reference Data; Total Compensation, Budget Implications; Long Term Impact; and Current Salary.


The purpose of FLSA is to establish minimum wage and overtime standards.  It distinguishes between covered (non-exempt) and excluded (exempt) employees and establishes an overtime threshold of 40 hours.

Training on the Fair Labor Standards Act is available for your review.

Career Group / Role Descriptions

Pay Practice Chart

Chart describing how each pay practice is used.

Pay Practices

Your pay can change for several reasons, including promotion, transfer, demotion, or a change in job duties.  They may be either employee or management initiated.  Also, the University may increase salaries through general pay scale adjustments.

Other Compensation Related Programs

UMW offers several recognition programs that show appreciation for the hard work and dedication of UMW employees.