Reviewer Approval

Once the CCA classifies a position, the Position Description may be transferred to the Reviewer. If the position is transitioned to the Reviewer, the Reviewer will make changes and send the PD back to the CCA.

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Module: Position Management
Role: Hiring Manager
Tab: Position Descriptions
Position Type: Staff or A/P Faculty


Go to the Inbox; click on Position Requests.  dean_approval_inbox
Select the position that you want to review.  provost_inbox_positions
Review / edit the details. To do so, click the Edit button next to the section needing modification. Modify information as needed / appropriate.  edit_button
Select Take Action On Position Request. modify_take_action
Select the appropriate option. reviewer_take_action
Add any comments that are appropriate. Click Submit. Each time that you see the Comment box after an Action, you will have the opportunity to Add the position to your Watch List. To do so, put a check in the box next to Add this position request to your watch list. reviewer_approved_comments