Evaluative Criteria

Do not use Evaluative Criteria;  the University is currently not using Evaluative Criteria.

Evaluative Criteria are questions for interviewers to answer. They provide subjective assessments of applicants on specific items at specific points in the workflow. They are entered at the time that the posting is created.
Open your posting and select the Applicants tab to view the applicants who have applied to the posting.
From the Actions menu, select Evaluate Applicants. The evaluation page presents a link for each workflow state that has associated ranking criteria.

Follow the link to the workflow state of interest. For each applicant, all the ranking criteria for the current workflow state are presented.

Note: There may be only one Workflow state.

Answer the ranking criteria questions for the applicant(s) of interest. Ranking criteria may be questions with defined answers that you can select from a list, or open-ended questions that you answer by typing in the text box.
To see applicants’ ranking criteria scores at all workflow states, click Download Applicants Evaluations. An Excel file will be created.