Completing the Employee Work Plan: Classified Employees

Creating the Employee Work Plan should be a collaborative process between the employee and the supervisor.  This document will be completed in Careers.

The Careers User Manual provides instructions for using the system.  Instructions for Modifying an EWP are available.

To complete this document:


The employee and the supervisor should review the A/P Workplan.  Ensure that the Major Responsibilities are accurate.   Take note of any changes that have been made, or that need to be made.

Note:  Each A/P Faculty member should have a minimum of 2 Major Responsibilities.

2. Go to Careers and log in.  Click on the link that says “Click on this link to log in with your UMW NetID.  Use the credentials that you use to log in to email and your computer.
3. Go to Position Management.
Hover your mouse over Position Descriptions.
Select Staff & A/P Faculty.
Find the position that you want to modify; select it.
Select Modify Position Description.
Click Start.
Select the Reason for Position Modification.
Review the Justification of Need; edit the information if needed.

Enter the appropriate information on each form.

Click Next when each form is complete.

You may also navigate by using the menu on the left; if you use the menu on the left, make sure that you save each form before moving off of it.

 5. When you get to the Core Responsibilities form, review the Major Responsibilities, Measures, % of time, and Essential or Marginal.  Make changes as needed and appropriate.  A minimum of two Core Responsibilities are required for A/P Faculty.
6. Click Add Core Responsibilities if you need to add an additional Core Responsibility.
7. Repeat steps 5 – 6 until all updates have been made.
8. When all changes have been made (and saved), go to the Summary page.  Review the content to make sure that it is accurate, and that are required fields are complete.
9. Hover over the Take Action On Position Request button.
10. Choose Position Created / Modified:  Move to CCA Initial Review.
11. Add appropriate comments, then Submit the form.  Examples:
No changes were made.
Significant changes were made.
Minor changes were made to Core Responsibility 3.
12. The completed document is reviewed by HR; an email is sent to the Supervisor when the EWP has been approved.
13. Once the EWP and plan have been modified, the employee should acknowledge that they have reviewed the plan.