Tips and Best Practices for Conducting an Evaluation

Before the Meeting

  • Give the evaluation and the new EWP to the employee in advance and agree on the best time/place to meet.
  • Encourage the employee to take the time to read over both documents carefully and jot down any notes or questions he/she may have (especially if they didn’t complete a self assessment) so the session can be as productive as possible.
  • Explain that you would like to go over the evaluation as well as the new EWP for the upcoming performance cycle during the meeting.

At the meeting:

  • Outline the expectations/format for the meeting:
    • Goal of today’s meeting is to have a chance to discuss performance during the last cycle. Express that it should be a 2-way discussion with both the employee and supervisor sharing observations, successes, areas of possible improvement, areas where clarification is needed, and possible suggestions for the future. The discussion should then lead to the responsibilities outlined in the new EWP and how this is similar or different than the current EWP.
    • Let the employee know the meeting format—discuss each performance area one at a time with each of you having a chance to speak; then summarize main points from both sides, and then move on to new EWP.
    • If you anticipate the employee may get upset during the meeting, share that you really want the meeting to be respectful, interactive, and productive. State that you may cut off the meeting if discussion gets too emotional or off track and you would then reconvene at a better time for both parties.
  • Discussion format:
    • Share your observations for each performance area (start by stating the listed duty, sharing positive observations, then constructive). Then encourage the employee to share comments on the particular area being discussed. You may want to come prepared with concrete examples for the positive as well as the areas that need improvement. Reiterate key points before moving on.
    • If there are any disagreements, listen and let the employee know you will consider what has been said, but will not make any final decisions on changes during this meeting.
  • Conclude the discussion:
    • Summarize key points from the evaluation.
    • Thank the employee for his/her work this year. Ask for the employee’s signature.
    • If the employee does not want to sign or shows disagreement, let him/her know options for disagreement: 1) sign stating receipt but disagreement, 2) attach comments to actual evaluation, 3) 10 days to appeal to reviewer; and/or 4) grieve it.
    • Summarize key points of new EWP.
    • Ask if the employee has any questions about the new EWP.  If not, ask for signature.

Return all signed documents to HR.


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