Table of Contents

Introduction, Mission, and History

Introduction to the Employee Handbook

Quick Reference Key to Websites

Statement of University Mission

History and Development of the Institution

Statement of Community Values

Statement of Non-Discrimination

Statement of Guiding Principles on Diversity and Inclusion

Employee Categories

Administrative Faculty (A/P Faculty)

Classified Employees

Instructional Faculty

Wage and Other Supplemental Part-time Employees

General Employment Information

Alcohol and Other Drugs

Drug Testing


Background Checks

Change to Covered Employment

Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting

Computer and Telephone Use

Computer Use

User Privileges

Code of Virginia

User Privacy

Telephone Use

Long-Distance Calls

Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign

Disability Accommodations

Dress Code

Freedom of Information Act

Gifts, Gratuities and Rewards

Hours of Work


Alternate Work Schedules

Annual Maximum


Intellectual Properties

General Statement on Ownership of Intellectual Property

Cases in Which the University Obtains Entire Right, Title and Interest


Layoff and Severance


Office Closings

Outside Employment

Outside Employment and Consulting

Use of University Resources in Connection with Outside Employment and Consulting Activities

Testifying as an Expert Witness

Teaching Policy


Reporting Hours of Work

Direct Deposit

Tax Liens and Garnishments

Personnel Records

Personal Information

Privacy of Personnel Records

Management of Personnel Records

Political Activity

Probationary Period

Required Reporting

Safety and Security in the Workplace

Workers’ Compensation

Hazard Communications Standard Program

UMW Cares

Separation Procedures (Out Processing)


Telecommuting (Teleworking)

Visitors and Children

Compensation, Performance Management, and Benefits


Performance Management and Evaluation

Classified Employees

A/P Faculty

Wage and Supplemental Part-time Employees


Employee Assistance Program

Health Insurance

Extended Health Benefits Coverage


Identification Card Privileges

Insurance Coverage and Income Replacement Programs

Group Life Insurance

Natural Death

Accidental Death

Optional Life Insurance


Retirement Benefits

Savings Programs

Premium Conversion and Flexible Spending Account Programs

Premium Conversion

Medical and Dependent Reimbursement Accounts

Deferred Compensation Plan, Supplemental Retirement Annuity Plans and Cash Match

Scholarships for Employees’ Children

Tuition Assistance Policy

Use of University Facilities

Use of the Faculty/Staff Dining Room

Virginia Sickness and Disability Program (VSDP)

Disability Insurance – UMW

Voluntary Long-Term Care Insurance

Wellness Program

Leave Policies

Statement of Public Accountability

Time-Off Benefits, Paid and Unpaid

Annual Leave

A/P Faculty

Classified Employees

Wage and Supplemental Part-time Employees

Sick Leave

A/P Faculty

Classified Employees

Wage or Supplemental Part-time Employees

Virginia Sickness and Disability Program  Leave (VSDP)

Leave Share

Classified Employees

A/P Faculty

Family and Medical Leave Act

Infant Care and Medical Leave for Childbirth

Medical Leave for Childbirth

Infant-Care Leave

Civil and Work Related Leave

School Assistance and Volunteer Service Leave

Military Leave

Emergency/Disaster Leave

Public Health Emergency Leave

Educational Leave and Educational Assistance

Leave to Donate Bone Marrow or Organs

Leave Without Pay

Employee Relations

Respectful Workplace Policies

University of Mary Washington Statement of Non-Discrimination

Respectful Workplace Policies

Resolving Workplace Issues

Department of Employment Dispute Resolution


UMW’S Employee Relations

Discrimination and Harassment Complaint Procedures

State Classified Employee Grievance Procedure


Bias Offenses

UMW Recognition Programs

UMW Recognition Programs

A/P Faculty Terms and Conditions of Employment

A/P Faculty Terms and Conditions of Employment


A/P Faculty with Teaching Faculty Rank

General Faculty Meetings

Appointment and Reappointment

General Information

Initial Appointment


Separation or Nonrenewal of Contract


Nonrenewal of Contract

Discharge During Term of Contract

Abolition of Position or Financial Exigency


A/P Grievance Policy and Procedure