VPSW – Colleague Recognition List

Jennifer Buist is a great coworker! She is the office manager for MLL. Jennifer is a hard worker, and has a great personality. She always there to help when needed. Jennifer is AWESOME!

Amanda Rutstein is a constant source of support and brings with her a terrific base of knowledge about the institution–our processes and procedures. If she doesn’t know something, she helps me figure out who to ask. I lean on her weekly, sometimes daily, and I’m not even chair of the department yet. Amanda Rutstein is simply a terrific office manager. I look forward to seeing her smile every day.

Having joined UMW a short time ago, Peige Keller has integrated into the Art and Art History Department in a positive and enriching inclusive manner that helps to build bridges among their faculty and students. She fulfills their extensive purchasing needs with expert attention.

Cindy Toomey has been a touchstone that everyone can count on in the Classics Department. She navigates the complexities of daily work, faculty, and student needs with ease and with respect and with a noble character.

Wilma Willard has been a mentor for me since I arrived at UMW. She reflects and upholds our ASPIRE ideals daily on top of her regular work. Her purchasing work in the Sciences is detailed and she executes their on going needs even while undergoing a major building addition and renovations.

Sharon Williams is deserving of recognition for her daily contributions to the work of our office supporting students as they prepare to graduate from UMW, but is especially deserving after this academic year. Last summer two of our four-member graduation clearance team left their positions, leaving us short-staffed as we headed into an extremely busy time at the beginning the academic year. Sharon jumped into the Degree Auditor role and quickly embraced the new challenge, successfully “shepherding” nearly 1,000 members of the Class of 2019 to graduation. And in the meantime she helped cover essential duties until we hired new team members, and then helped trained those team members–in the process keeping her supervisor’s head from spinning too much!

Anna Billingsley’s vibrant and confident personality makes every place she is at 10x better! Anna is one of the sweetest, most caring, and down-to-earth people I have ever met.

Christie Pugh is one of UMW’s unsung heroes. She quietly goes about her responsibilities — which are significant and wide-ranging — as administrative assistant in University Relations, advancing the institution in untold ways. Because she answers calls on the university’s main line, she — more than anyone else — is the voice of UMW. She is always kind and gracious no matter how outrageous the requests or obnoxious the caller. In addition, Christie is responsible for keeping the university’s online directory up to date AND she is the primary coordinator of FOIA requests that come into UMW. The latter is a tedious task that has to be done with great care and attention to detail. Christie succeeds in all areas.

Sarah Carroll is always very helpful and patient! When I have a complex issue with Banner or eVA, and a lot of times it’s because I’ve made a mistake! – Sarah is incredibly helpful. She will walk me through the steps, point me to the proper training materials and check back in to make sure I was able to correct the issue.

She’s never been short or let her frustration show, even if I have made the same mistake twice and have to bother her again. But usually when she helps me, she is so thorough that I have a deeper understanding of the process, so don’t make the same mistake again.

I appreciate that I can email or call her and know that she will be available to help me or help me find the person who can

Stefanie Lucas-Waverly is such a positive force on campus. The nature of her work is extremely taxing at times and she remains steadfast, calm, and uplifting in her interactions with staff, faculty, and students. She is able to effectively balance her professional role while being friendly and welcoming to all. She is a great example of the UMW spirit!

Denise Hutcheson and the copy center always do an amazing job, something that may go unnoticed by anyone who’s never worked anyplace else. They are always friendly, help make every job look amazing, and always exceed every deadline.

Kelly Eury is an asset to UMW in innumerable ways. She possesses a wealth of institutional knowledge; speed and efficiency, a graceful manner, great sense of humor and is a natural leader. She consistently gets the job done. Kelly is a thorough professional and truly an invaluable part of UMW.

Michelle Pickham is very knowledgeable not only about her job but others as well. She is very helpful and does it with a smile. If she is ever frazzled it does not come across in her interactions. I can imagine with the shortage of help in finance and procurement right now that it must be tough but she is never too busy to help. Michelle is a pleasure to work with.

Dr. Clayton goes out of her way to make sure that the students have all of the tools needed for success. She encourages her mentees and allows for professional growth in a positive manner. Many of her students excel because she keeps in contact and mentors beyond their graduation. She is inspiring and knowledgeable about the art and science of teaching.

Joey Straughan is an honest, hard working, and thoughtful employee and colleague. He never fails to meet a deadline. His positive attitude can make the most frustrating of circumstances seem so small. Working with Joey is such a pleasure. His enthusiasm is contagious! It is because of people like Joey that we can say, “It’s a great day to be an eagle!”.

SAC members are the best!  It is an honor and a pleasure to work with this wonderful group.  They always have the University’s best interest in mind, and devote many hours to making UMW a better place to work.

Debra Wander always goes above and beyond to support all initiatives. She is detail orientated and never fails to follow thru. I can’t tell you the number of times I have asked her to do something last minute or on the fly – she does it and always with a smile on her face. I’m so thankful for her and her continuous support. She is Super Woman!