Screening and Selecting Applicants

There are several methods/levels for querying and reporting on data in Careers. They are:

  • Screening Sheet
  • Print Preview for Postings
  • Recreate PDF for Applicants (Applications and Applicant Documents)
  • Keyword and Ad-Hoc Searches from the Postings and Applicant pages (More search options)
  • Standard Reports
  • Evaluative Questions
  • Screening Questions
  • The reporting capabilities are available based on your permissions in the system. These instructions apply to all position types.

You can review – and process – one applicant document or more than one applicant document at a time. You may choose to view all the documents for an applicant, specific applicant documents for each of a group of applicants, or all applicant documents for a group of applicants. Once your review is complete, you will transition your screening results to the Recruitment Manager.

Log in to Careers:              See directions on p. xx.

Module:                              Applicant Tracking.

Role:                                   Hiring Manager, Search Committee Chair.

Tab:                                      Postings

Position Type:                  Appropriate

Hover your mouse over the Postings tab.
Select the appropriate Position type.
Select the position that you want to review by clicking on the Working Title or by going to Actions and selecting View Posting.
Click on the Applicants tab.
At the bottom of the screen, you will see the list of applicants.