UMW Jeans Pass Program

Who doesn’t love stepping out in a pair of jeans for work???

The UMW Jeans Pass will allow you to do so!

How do you get a UMW Jeans Pass?

It’s simple!  Let your supervisor catch you doing something out of the ordinary, such as training a new employee, dealing with a difficult customer extremely well, helping out on a project that wasn’t in your scope of work or just making the operations a lot easier by being positive and flexible when needed.  They will then have the opportunity to present you with a UMW Jeans Pass, as seen below.

Program Guidelines:

Jeans must be professional in appearance.  No holes or frays.

Your supervisor may determine that certain days are not appropriate for jeans, based on office needs.  Employees should be made aware of these days when wearing jeans would be inappropriate.

Each employee may be awarded one Pass per week, maximum.

Supervisors: To grant a “jeans pass”, please present a Jeans Pass Coupon to the deserving employee, explaining the reason you are granting the pass (this can also be done via e-mail).  On the day before the employee would like to wear jeans, he/she should give you the pass back (or send an email request to use their pass) and you then you would give the employee a “jeans tag” that attaches to the UMW name tag to designate that they have been chosen to wear jeans on that day.