The Resources listed allow the hiring manager, in partnership with HR, to:

  • Establish compensation management practices and decision-making procedures that facilitate internal and external equity, transparency and sensitivity to market conditions.
  • Plan, establish, and link compensation decisions and priorities to the university’s strategic plan, operational priorities, position requirements and performance.
  • Promote desirable features of UMW employment and emphasize total compensation for recruitment and retention.

A/P Faculty Salary Model (2016)


Salary Minimum

Market Target

 1 $31,002 $42,851
 2 $37,039 $51,680
 3 $43,076 $60,509
 4 $49,113 $69,338
 5 $55,150 $78,168
 6 $61,187 $86,996
 7 $67,225 $95,825
8 $73,262 $104,654


  • The market target is based on survey data from our benchmark institutions and is subject to change with survey updates, as determined by the university.
  • The current minimum for each grade is 30% below market target.
  • Grades are used to set starting pay ranges and support compensation decisions.

Electronic Position Description Questionnaire (ePDQ) Factors

e-PDQ Weighted Factors

A. Entry Qualifications:

Education, Training, Experience, etc.

B. Job Content:

Difficulty of Thinking and Problem Solving
Personal Interaction
Supervision Exercised
Working Conditions
Total Content

C. Responsibility and Impact on End Results


The purpose of FLSA is to establish minimum wage and overtime standards.  It distinguishes between covered (non-exempt) and excluded (exempt) employees and establishes an overtime threshold of 40 hours.

Training on the Fair Labor Standards Act is available for your review.

Other Compensation Related Programs

UMW offers several recognition programs that show appreciation for the hard work and dedication of our employees.