Employee Recognition Programs

“There are high spots in all of our lives and most of them have come about through encouragement from someone else. I don’t care how great, how famous, or successful a man or woman may be, each hungers for APPLAUSE.” George Adams

UMW offers several recognition programs that show appreciation for the hard work and dedication of UMW employees.  Please see the information below and the tabs to the left for more detailed information on the recognition programs offered.

The title of each award is linked to a page that has more information about the award.

Recognition Program Description Given Managed By
WOW Recognition – Green

The green WOW Recognition represents an award of $35. Designated supervisors can reward classified and wage employees with a green WOW Recognition that can be redeemed for $35. When nominated by Supervisor HR
WOW Recognition – Yellow

The yellow WOW Recognition represents an award of recognition leave.  Designated supervisors may reward classified employees with 1 to 16 hours of recognition leave. When nominated by Supervisor HR
UMW Jeans Pass Program The UMW Jeans Pass recognizes employees who do something out of the ordinary.  Given by your supervisor, this award allows you to wear jeans to work. When nominated by Supervisor Supervisor
#1 F.A.N. Program The #1 Fantastic Action Noticed Colleague Recognition Program was created to allow employees to recognize outstanding service provided by their fellow employees. When nominated by Colleague HR
Service Awards The University’s Service Awards recognition program rewards employees for milestone years of service. Monthly HR
Larry Atkins Award

The Atkins Award recognizes UMW employees who are the unsung heroes of our offices. Annually – Nominations by peers S.A.C.
Richard V. and Rosemary A. Hurley Award

The Hurley Presidential Commendation honors Mr. and Mrs. Hurley, who have consistently demonstrated a desire to recognize and reward outstanding service of University employees. Annually – Nominations by peers HR
Charles Coleman Award

The Charles Coleman established in honor of Mr. Coleman’s dedication and exemplary service. Annually – Nominations by peers HR
Excellent Eagle The Excellent Eagle Employee earns his / her own parking space for a month. Monthly – Nominations by peers S.A.C.
Recognition Award Use the Recognition Notice form for some awards to staff. When nominated. HR
Special Pay Form Use the Special Pay form for awards to Faculty. When nominated. HR