Coleman Nominees

2020 Coleman Nominees

Nominee:                    Stuart Sullivan
Position:                      Director of Facilities Operations
Type:                            Classified
Supervisor:                 Paul Messplay

Stuart’s loyalty to the University of Mary Washington is evident in his longevity, having been with the university for 40 years.  In talking with Stuart, he frequently mentions his love for UMW and its students, faculty and staff.  Even when Stuart is not on the job, he is thinking about UMW and how he can make the university a better place.  Stuart isn’t satisfied with doing things the way they’ve always been done.  He is constantly looking for improvement, while at the same time being very budget minded.

Stuart cares first and foremost for the UMW community.  He is constantly thinking about the staff in his area and how he can make their experience better.  Stuart would never ask someone to do something he wouldn’t do himself and often comes in on weekends or after hours to check on his staff.  Stuart’s concern for others extends beyond his staff and goes out of his way to make sure everyone he interacts with is satisfied with the work he or his staff have done.

As Stuart’s supervisor, I know that if I assign him a task, it will be done…even if it means putting in extra hours to meet deadlines.  Stuart is driven to make sure his customers are satisfied with his work.  I have never heard Stuart say something couldn’t be done…even under the most difficult circumstances I know I can count on Stuart to find a path forward.

Nominee:                    Evie Sherlock
Position:                      Associate Registrar
Type:                            Classified
Supervisor:                 Rita Dunston

Evie has been employed at UMW for five years and what an asset! She works countless hours without any recognition and doesn’t expect nor desire the recognition because she feels, ‘it is her job.’  She displays an unwavering dedication to the institution as it is normal for Evie to forgo personal opportunities to keep work commitments flowing until completion. Her commitment and focus is always the success of UMW. For example, it is uncommon for colleagues to contact me, as her supervisor, about the excellent service received from Evie. This is also evident as many of the Department Chairs rely on her expertise to get their jobs done. She is consistent and competence and willing to go that extra mile.

Evie works extremely well with the college community. I am amazed at the relationships she has with faculty, staff and students. Evie is will regarded by colleagues and contributes to a positive work environment. For instance, she takes an active interest in colleagues concerns, shows sensitivity as well as display a level of trust to other feelings and perspectives. She provides sincere compliments to those she supervises and to other employees at the university.  She doesn’t think about whose responsibility it is to get the job done, she sees the bigger picture of serving the needs of others and if that means having to do her job and others, then that is exactly what she will do.  She follows through on what she said she will do—you can confide in her and she’ll be there in a pinch – that’s a rarity in many employees today.

Not only does Evie have a ‘can-do attitude’, you can add a will-do attitude. Consistently, she’s willing to change directions and focus on what can be done instead of what can’t be done For example, due to COVID-19 the entire spring and summer schedule of classes had to be re-entered due to changes in instructional modalities.  Not once did Evie complain about the many changes instead she allowed her Can-do attitude to shine. She remained optimistic, motivated and enthusiastic throughout the entire process. While I my exampled referenced COVID-19, this behavior is repeated frequently for Evie. Over the past five years she’s been employed she has always been ready to jump in and get the job done.  Though some of the tasks have been major hurdles, her positive energy, enthusiasm, and cooperative spirit radiates

Nominee:                    Evie Sherlock
Position:                      Associate Registrar for Administration and Enrollment
Type:                            Classified
Supervisor:                 Kevin Caffrey

Evie is the true definition of a loyal and dedicated employee. She has been with UMW for over 5 years working in the Office of the Registrar overseeing a wide array of different tasks and responsibilities. During the summer/fall of 2019, she moved to Missouri and began teleworking for UMW, helping oversee the implementation of 25Live. When COVID-19 struck, Evie continued teleworking and played a huge role in the transition of moving courses to an online format for class schedules. She worked tirelessly to make sure that students, staff, faculty, and department chairs understood the new policies and that our course schedules reflected correct information. In my 11 years at UMW, I’ve yet to meet an employee as dedicated as Evie is to her work.

Evie makes it a point to regularly check-in on her colleagues and coworkers. During these stressful times, she is able to maintain a positive relationship with everyone that she works with and this contributes to positive morale. Moreover, she is the first to offer her assistance if she thinks it is needed.

With the recent challenges the Registrar’s Office and the university has faced, you’ll never hear Evie say “We can’t do that” when faced with a difficult situation. Rather, she is often the first person to say, “We can make that work” or offer excellent alternatives to solve a potential problem. I really like to think of departments (and organizations in general) as teams since we’re all working together to reach a common goal. Evie is someone you want on your team because you know that she is going to work hard, have a great attitude, and get the job done. To maintain this level of excellence while teleworking is quite commendable and I hope you will consider awarding her this prestigious honor.

Nominee:                    Elizabeth Southern
Position:                      Manager of Athletic Operations
Type:                            Classified
Supervisor:                 Patrick Catullo

It is my pleasure to nominate Betsy Southern for this award. Betsy has recently taken on the added role of COVID Care Coordinator at UMW. She approaches challenges with a positive “can do” attitude, has an inquisitive nature and is a person of high integrity and character. She is completely selfless in her desire to help the group as a whole, and I know our students and staff have benefited from this alike.

I can say without hesitation that she is a true “team player.” She is the type of individual one can count on, not only to do her part, but to also help others in working toward a successful outcome. Now more than ever, people like Betsy have made all of the challenges we have faced that much easier to manage.

Betsy has the ability to interact with diverse groups of people and is extremely personable and genuinely concerned about the welfare of others, specifically our students at UMW. She is such an asset to our department and University, and truly deserving of this recognition. Please let me know if I can provide any additional support on her behalf.

Nominee:                    Sharon Neville
Position:                      Assistant Building Attendant Manager
Type:                            Classified
Supervisor:                 Nolan Akau

Allot of leaders in Ms. Neville’s type of position think Loyalty and Dedication are synonymous.   However, Ms. Neville steady and reliable daily behavior, conduct and activities she undoubtedly shows she separates the two terms.  Ms. Neville clearly shows her loyalty to UMW, students, staff and faculty through her “emotional” attachment.  Whereas, with dedication, Ms. Neville’s put herself in a state of being committed to doing particular task(s) effectively and efficiently.  I believe this is an important “personality” trait has facilitated displaying her dedication.

Here are 9 unmistakable signs of Ms. Neville’s “dedication”:

  • A visible, almost infectious passion for one’s work
  • Positive attitude and demeanor in personal interactions with other employees and with the patients, clients or customers
  • Punctuality at all times for work, meetings and functions
  • High attendance/low absenteeism at work, meetings and functions.
  • Knows the history, mission, core values and vision of UMW
  • Consistently demonstrates initiative
  • Flexibility when it comes to change
  • High work ethic
  • Reputation of getting things done”

Majority of our leaders/managers within and out of UMW are dedicated, loyal and have can do attitude.  Not only does Ms. Neville consistently display these qualities, but she exceeds these expectations, and is a household name in and out of Facilities by her customer services skills.    Ms. Neville’s mentality is that her customers starts with those directly under her supervision, her direct supervisor, UMW upper management, contractors, UMW Faculty/Staff, students, parents and tax payers.

To expound upon “care and concern for others” is accurately displayed with her daily dealings and the mentorship with her staff.  She takes their personal and professional well-being very seriously.  She took the initiative to introduce the annual Woman’s Fall Colloquium to the woman working in Facilities.  Though this initiative, she was able to justify funding and management approval for 13 woman working in Facilities.

Due to Ms. Neville’s unswerving devotion for the safety and well-being of the Building Attendant staff she volunteers as a Facilities representative on the monthly UMW Safety committee and acquired much needed training for her staff such as: hazardous communication, working from elevated heights, blood borne pathogen and personal protection equipment (PPE).  She also ensures proper PPE is provided to her staff and enforces the use of it.

Ms Neville’s current position is Building Attendant Assistant Manager and Custodial Contract Administrator.  She steps in to fill gaps where needed.

Ms. Neville fully understands budgetary shortfalls within Facilities and UMW.  In doing her part to help with the shortfalls, during summer cleanings and preventative maintenance services normally perform by contractors she brought back into Facilities to be performed by Building Attendant staff.  She used her ingenuity of adjusting schedules, processes and over-time to perform approximately 30%-35% of these functions in-house.  This initiative saved UMW approximately $30K.  In addition to saving funding, Ms. Neville’s initiative of using over-time versus contractual support was a huge morale builder in the Building Attendant trade group; which is the lowest paid and the most taken for granted trade group in Facilities.

Since Ms. Neville and I have worked together for 3 years I noted that she dependably builds on her “can do attitude” through her ability of being an “adaptable” professional.  I firmly believe the skills she learned, in LUMW, such as, stepping out of her comfort zone, be a better listener, ability to take risk, empower her employees, not afraid using her Building Attendant expertise to challenge management in a professional manner and not afraid to ask questions has played a huge part in being adaptable, which further leads to her “can do attitude”.

It is my extreme pleasure and honor to nominate Ms. Sharon Neville, Assistant Building Attendant Manager for the Coleman Memorial Service Award.  I strongly and firmly believe she is the epitome of this award and the legacy of Mr. Charles Coleman.  Ms. Neville’s pride, loyalty, dedication and devotion to duty are most heartily commended and are in keeping with highest traditions and core values of the University of Mary Washington.