Home Page

When you log in, you will come to the Applicant Tracking home page or to the Position Management page.  The Applicant Tracking pages have a blue header; the Position Management pages have an orange header. You will see the menu options that correspond to your user permissions.


User Drop Down

Please select the role that corresponds to what you wish to do.

Most employees will have 2 roles:  Employee and Search Committee Member.  Some employees will have additional roles, such as Hiring Manager, Search Committee Chair, Department Chair.

The Inbox is a notification area where the system will display any items that need you to take action upon.
Watch List

The Watch List displays any item that you have flagged to be tracked.

Note: The tabs that display for the Inbox and Watch List will depend on your user permissions. You can always quickly access these notification areas with the button at the top of the screen.

The Shortcuts section will display shortcuts that depend on your user permissions.
My Links
The My Links section is a good resource for Training videos and quick access to the applicant portal. You can also quickly get to the PeopleAdmin Community portal, where you have access to resources concerning the system.
Module Selection
At the top of the screen, you will see the module drop-down menu. If you hover your mouse over Applicant Tracking you will see the modules options (i. e. Position Management and Applicant Tracking).